Turkish dailies covered statements of Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan in regards to talks on resolution of Kurdish issue, Turkey's fourth judicial package of draft legislation and Women's Day.


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All of the Turkish dailies covered Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's statements in regards to talks on resolution of Kurdish issue. "We don't want a second Habur incident" headlined daily YENI SAFAK referring to Erdogan's words over terrorist PKK's announcement of releasing kidnapped public servants and soldiers this week. Erdogan warned PKK against the captive release show and said, "We don't want this to turn into a show. The release of public servants and soldiers should take place without laying shadow on the solution talks." "I request special support from mothers" headlined daily HURRIYET referring to the statements of Erdogan where he asked for support during the solution talks from mothers Turkey-wide to end terrorism.

Another topic covered by all dailies was Turkey's fourth judicial package of draft legislation which was presented to the parliament on March 7. "Package earthquake" headlined daily MILLIYET, "Fourth Judiciary Package at Turkish Parliament" stated daily HABER TURK and "Fourth judiciary package presented to Parliament, violence condition applies for propaganda" added daily ZAMAN over the growing controversy and disappointment of the package as many expect that it would fail to meet expectations, according to the dailies. The package's main amendments relate to creating propaganda for terrorism however, the package doesn't allow the release of detainees in cases concerning KCK and PKK as their cases relate to more charges of membership in a terrorist organization rather than propaganda charges. There is also no amendment for detained lawmakers, an issue concerning many political parties.

Dailies also covered exclusive stories about Women's Day celebrated on March 8 every year. "9,000 women protected by police" headlined Daily TURKIYE referring to women who are victims of domestic violence and are protected by the police forces. "Four women, four stories" headlined daily HURRIYET in regards to the stories of four women from different corners of Turkey. One woman is a successful businesswoman, second one a cleaner at the municipality, third one a military pilot and the fourth one a victim of domestic violence who was forced into marriage at the age of 12, ran away, had seven children and suffered from domestic violence.



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