Monday's newspapers mainly cover Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's comments on proposed punishment for the murderer of a six-year-old girl, who was stabbed and burnt by one of her relatives. Also six members of Turkey's largest industrial conglomerate KocHolding's topping list of biggest taxpayers of 2013. The release of 173 people detained in relation to May Day protests.


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Turkish dailies on Monday dedicate their front pages mostly to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's statements on the punishment for the murderer of six-year-old Gizem Akdeniz, stabbed and burnt to death a week ago.

Her 25-year-old cousin is in police custody. He has allegedly admitted abducting the child in revenge after his marriage proposal to the dead girl's sister was turned down by her family.

The release of 173 people detained in connection with the May Day protests is also covered.

Daily SABAH headlined "Erdogan: I set my heart on death sentence" referring to the murderer of the 6-year-old girl.

The daily reports that an Istanbul citizen told Erdogan that he wanted Akdeniz's murderer to receive the death sentence. Erdogan said that he had set his "heart on death sentence" for the murderer, too, but added as Turkish law does not include death sentence. The most severe punishment in Turkish criminal code is aggravated life imprisonment. The country abolished death penalty completely in 2004.

The daily also reported his statements on the coming presidential elections, where Erdogan is expected to be the candidate of his ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party.

"Our consultation meetings continue. Our surveys on public opinion continue. After all these, our decision will be made as soon as the time arrives. Now, we don't have an exact date for it," the daily quoted Erdogan as saying.

"Will he be a candidate for Cankaya? We wait for the surveys on public opinions," daily VATAN said, referring to his statement on the coming presidential elections.

Daily TURKIYE headlined, "The list is announced. Koc hold first 6 in taxpaying," saying the Koc family highly marked the list on Turkey's tax record holders, where Mustafa Rahmi Koc ranked first.

The Finance Ministry announced on Sunday the names of the 100 highest income taxpayers in Turkey. Mustafa Rahmi Koc, the second biggest taxpayer in 2012, topped the list by paying the Treasury 37.4 million liras ($17.7 million) in taxes, followed by other five members of Koc family who own the Koc Holding.

Those, who ranked 8th and 10th did not wanted their names be announced, where Turkish TV producer Acun Ilicali ranked fifteenth and stand-up comedian Cem Yilmaz as 73th.

"First six belongs to Kocs," daily HURRIYET headlined, sharing each name and place on the list of the Koc family. The daily also underlined two 'mysterious' of top ten did not wanted their names be announced, where the Turkish billionaire media tycoon of Dogan Holding was ninth, according to the daily.

Several Turkish dailies covered the release of 173 detained people on May Day, who were detained after clashes with the Turkish police during last Thursday's May Day celebrations in Istanbul.

"May Day Resistance" is the headline in CUMHURIYET daily. One hundred and fifteen of those detained were released, the rest are being kept under surveillance. A protest of support for the detainees was staged last night in front of the courthouse by lawyers, members of the Turkey's main opposition party, trade unions and opposition activists.

"Released after 70 hours," titled daily MILLIYET, saying 155 were released after staying 70 hours in custody.

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