Turkish dailies on Friday cover the global protests over the abduction of Nigerian schoolgirls, and AK Party spokesman Celik's comments that President Gul and PM Erdogan compliment rather than oppose each other.


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Some Turkish dailies on Friday covered the reactions and global protests over the abduction of the Nigerian schoolgirls.

Daily HURRIYET ran the headline "Bring back the girls, Boko Haram" reporting that the whole world went into action to save over two hundred girls who were abducted by Boko Haram militants on April 14.

An estimated 276 schoolgirls were abducted from the Chibok Government Girls Secondary School in Borno State.

The paper quoted Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau as saying, "Girls should get married instead of going to school." The leader said they would sell the abducted girls as slaves as they believed Western education is forbidden in Islam.

The militant group is vehemently opposed to both Western and female education, and has been designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department since November 2013.

Daily VATAN covered the support of First Lady Michelle Obama to bring home the girls. A social media campaign under the hashtag #Bringbackourgirls started trending in Nigeria two weeks ago and has now been tweeted more than one million times with Michelle Obama, the latest high profile politician to offer her support.

The daily said that Turkish Foreign Ministry expressed deep concern for the girls who are still held by the group and called for their immediate release.

Daily YENI SAFAK, on the other hand, claimed that the Western reaction to the girls' abduction was part of the U.S. and EU's project of 'designing' Africa. The global powers' plans over Nigeria will turn the country into Afghanistan, the paper said pointing to the country's wealth of oil and uranium. According to the daily, France has sent five thousand soldiers to the north of Nigeria, while the U.S. and Britain will send their troops for logistic support.

Kerry said late Thursday that the U.S.’s team arrived in Nigeria on Thursday and they would do everything they could to assist the Nigerian government’s rescue efforts.

Another issue covered by some Turkish dailies is what Turkey’s governing AK Party spokesman Huseyin Celik said on the presidential election to be held in August.

"Not alternative, but complementary" is how daily SABAH covered the issue citing Celik saying, "President Gul and PM Erdogan are not alternative or opposing figures in our party, but complementary to each other."

Celik also denied speculation on Thursday that PM Erdogan and President Gul have differences over the presidential candidacy.

Some dailies also covered Turkey's main opposition CHP undergoing restructuring ahead of the presidential election - the first ever election to elect a president by popular vote.

Daily MILLIYET said CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu made changes in the party's central administration board after March 30 local elections. Six members in the board were removed from their posts and new names were announced. The paper said CHP will practise the model of a 'strong secretary-general' with the election of Gursel Tekin to the post.

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