Turkish dailies focus on a government-led bill to increase punishments for domestic violence, child abuse and other sexual crimes. Newspapers also report on a European court fine for Turkey over alleged human rights violations carried out during its 1974 military operation in Cyprus.


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Most Turkish dailies on Tuesday dedicated their front pages to news about a government-led bill to introduce tougher sentences for crimes committed against children.

"1,040 special judges" says the front page of VATAN, referring to judicial figures who will have particular responsibility for cases involving domestic violence or child abuse. The draft law also includes severe penalties for a variety of sexual crimes including: verbal abuse; attempted rape; as well as growing or manufacturing illegal narcotics.

Daily SABAH runs with the the headline "Touching is 8 years, attacking is a 20-years sentence”, a reference to the legal package which has gone before the Turkish parliament. The penalty for sexual harassment would be increased to eight years’ imprisonment from four years if the victim is a child; sentences for the rape of minor rose to 20 years from 16 years.

Newspapers also focused on Turkey’s first Airbus A400M Atlas aircraft project to be designed and manufactured by Turkish engineers and Turkey’s being sentenced to pay compensation to Greek-Administered Cyprus for human rights violations dating from its 1974 military intervention on the island.

“This Atlas carries the whole squad” says daily STAR, reporting that the aircraft has the capacity to carry two helicopters, light-weight tanks, articulated lorries and ship containers.

“We need to be ready for war” says MILLIYET, citing President Abdullah Gul who attended a ceremony on Monday for a newly purchased cargo plane. Gul is quoted as saying: “What is our biggest wish is to refrain from wars, but we need to show that we are ready for it in any case.”

HABERTURK also quoted President Gul as saying: “Today, we are quite proud to equip our transportation with the future’s international military transportation aircraft and make the fleet much stronger. We are taking the first of 10 aircraft in total.”

“90 million Euro Cyprus fine” says the front page of daily HURRİYET, referring to the European Court of Human Rights ordering Turkey to pay compensation to Greek Cypriot administration for human rights violations allegedly committed during the 1974 operation.

HABERTURK carries the headline “Fine for Cyprus Peace Operation”, a reference to the court giving Turkey a record fine for the 1974 intervention in Cyprus. This latest fine comes after the court ordered Turkey to pay 13 million euros over Ankara’s violations of Greek Cypriots’ property rights in 2009.

The daily quoted Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu saying: “The EHRC’s ruling will neither be binding nor carry any value for Ankara.”

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