Turkish dailies covered on Wednesday aftermath of US tornado which hit Oklahoma city, Turkish PM Erdogan's statements over the new constitution and referendum and exclusive story over Ankara's preconditions regarding 2nd Geneva meeting


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All Turkish dailies covered the aftermath of a major US tornado which hit Oklahoma city and left 24 people dead. "Tornado hit during a class" published daily MILLIYET and added that the 3 kilometres wide tornado took a direction towards two schools where it left 7 children dead. Daily CUMHURIYET said, the tornado made an earthquake effect in the areas where it passed from. It caused the death of at least 24 people and left hundreds of others injured. Some people were trapped beneath the rubble and many houses were destroyed.      

"'Yes' would come out from the ballot box" headlined daily TURKIYE and quoted the words of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan over the possibility of a referendum. "If that way is open, I believe a 'yes' voting would be made by our people", said Erdogan at his return from his US trip. Daily ZAMAN headlined, "If a referendum will be held, then 'yes' will come out", and covered the rest of Turkish PM Erdogan's words as saying, "If opposition parties leave their deputies free, we can present a draft to the parliament. In the case of 'referendum', I believe that we will receive a 'yes' vote."      

Lastly, daily SABAH published an exclusive story about Assad's power and Ankara's preconditions ahead of the 2nd Geneva Meeting. The daily said, the conditions for the 2nd Geneva meeting to gather would be determined at the Friends of the Syrian People Group core meeting to be held on Wednesday. "Be plain citizen" was Ankara's request for Assad in the five-stage road map agreed on with US President Obama for Syria. A statement is expected to be released following the meeting giving green light to the 2nd Geneva meeting on the condition that Assad would transfer all of his powers to the transition government. Assad doesn't have to leave the country as long as he transfers all of his powers was also stated by Ankara, the daily quoted.  


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Muhammed Öylek