Turkish dailies covered on Wednesday Turkish soccer club Fenerbahce's victory over Trabzonspor in Ziraat Turkey Cup final, Turkish PM Erdogan's impressions after his US trip and brutal assault in London's Woolwich neighbourhood


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All Turkish dailies covered the victory of Turkish soccer club Fenerbahce after defeating Trabzonspor 1-0, winning the Ziraat Turkey Cup. "Season's last cup goes to Fenerbahce" headlined daily SABAH and added, the season was closed with such joy after defeating Trabzonspor team 1-0 in final game at 19 Mayis Stadium in Ankara.      

"We took the decision in the Red Room -- White House --", headlined daily YENI SAFAK by quoting the words of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The daily said, PM Erdogan gave the details of his Washington trip at his AK Party's Central Executive Board (MYK) meeting. The daily quoted Erdogan as saying, "Syria policy of the US has changed after the three hours long meeting in the Red Room with the attendance of Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and head of the country's National Intelligence Organization Hakan Fidan. At the meeting, we have decided to give support to dissidents." The daily also covered several other topics discussed during the MYK meeting including, Istanbul's third bridge to be built to connect European and Asian sides of the city, Reyhanli attack, the Syrian intelligence service and his planned visit to the region.      

Lastly, some of the Turkish dailies covered Wednesday afternoon's brutal attack in London's southeastern neighbourhood of Woolwich. "Terror in London," said daily MILLIYET and published that a young man who was thought to be a soldier was killed by two suspected assailants in daylight in the street near the Royal Barracks. The daily added, two suspected men were holding kind of a machete and a gun as they were chanting Islamist slogans. Moreover, daily ZAMAN noted, two suspected killers were disarmed by police by being shot down yet both alive.      



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Muhammed Öylek