Turkish dailies covered on Friday ongoing demonstrations at Taksim Gezi Park, Rihanna concert in Istanbul, remarks of Constitutional Court chief judge on plans for nationwide alcohol controls, new traffic regulations on alcohol and drug tests and President Gul's Turkmenistan visit.


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Turkish dailies covered the protests at Taksim Gezi Park which carry on for a fourth day, aimed at obstructing a demolition demonstrators say harms the historic city of Istanbul. The government plans to demolish the park and build shopping malls and residences in its place, as part of a project designed to pedestrianize the popular tourist and leisure district of Taksim at the city center.

Daily HURRIYET headlined "Incineration team at Gezi Park", saying a group of men wearing masks set fire to protester tents at 5 am right in front of police officers. The men carried wireless transmitters and city police waistcoats, the daily said.

Daily MILLIYET published "Dawn raid at Gezi Park", saying the police intervened early in the morning in the protests with tear gas, while the number of protesters grew at night and reached five thousand.

Most Turkish dailies covered the concert by popular R&B singer Rihanna in Istanbul. Daily VATAN headlined "50,000-strong Rihanna party", saying Rihanna galvanized fifty thousand people at Inonu Stadium, planned to be demolished in three days for renovation. Daily SABAH published "Rihanna spell in Istanbul", and said the international star spellbound her fans in her second concert in the city.

Turkish dailies also covered the remarks of the chief judge of the Constitutional Court, Hasim Kilic, on government's plans to implement nationwide alcohol controls. Daily TARAF quoted him as saying "Our political and social history is ridden with traces of interferences in the life style of some segments in society. Adding yet more proves tiring on people's consciences."

Several Turkish dailies covered the new traffic regulations involving newly added drug tests in addition to alcohol examination. Daily HURRIYET published "Drug tests in traffic", saying the police will conduct these tests and drug abusers will be fined 3,600 TL and their driver's license will be seized for five years.

Some Turkish dailies covered Turkish President Abdullah Gul's official visit to Turkmenistan, during which he was decorated with the highest state honor, which he received from his Turkmen counterpart. Daily SABAH headlined "Great honor from the Homeland", quoting President Gul as saying "I will carry Turkmenistan state medal with great honor."

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