Turkish dailies cover PM Erdogan's remarks on his ties with Deputy PM Arinc, a murder confession on live TV and a hefty ECHR fine on Turkey.


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Turkish dailies cover on Wednesday Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's remarks in a caucus meeting about a perceived row between him and Deputy Premier and Government spokesperson Bulent Arinc.

Daily Sabah quotes Erdogan as saying "We won't let those who lie in wait have their way," referring to his close political and personal relationship with Arinc, both founders of the AK Party which has ruled Turkey for three consecutive four-year terms since 2002.

Daily Star says Erdogan said the party members share a common destiny and are able to solve any issue among themselves.

Arinc, who was not present at the caucus meeting on Tuesday, said last week on a televised program that his announcement as Government Spokesperson on the issue of mixed student housing had been contradicted by what Erdogan said later, calling on the Prime Minister to offer a public explanation.

Arinc's call led the media to speculate on an internal quarrel between the two long-time political partners.

Turkish dailies also cover Erdogan's words during the same meeting on a governor's controversial slur against a citizen.

Daily Radikal's headline is "We won't let our governors be run down." The daily quotes Erdogan as saying he doesn't approve of Governor Avni Cos' conduct and asked the Minister of Interior to look into the issue.

Cos had called a citizen "gavat" (pimp) during an altercation which broke out after citizens attending a memorial service in Adana for founding father Ataturk started chanting slogans against the Governor.

Presidents exchanging orders

Turkish dailies cover a high-level meeting between President Abdullah Gul and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, who decorated each other with the highest state orders.

Daily Milliyet says Aliyev made his first foreign trip to Turkey after securing his third five-year term as President last month.

Socialist International head into Gezi Park ground zero

Dailies cover a visit by George Papandreou, President of Socialist International, to Gezi Park, one of few green areas left in central Istanbul which marked the beginning of a wave of anti-government protests in June.

Daily Hurriyet says George Papandreou planted a sapling in the plot of grass where the first protesters held a sit-in against a redevelopment project that would remove a number of trees from the park.

"The power that citizens have can create a better future and change our fate. Urban citizens have the right to express their ideas. This park is a symbol of that," the daily quotes Papandreou as saying.

Murder confession on TV

Turkish dailies cover a televised program aired Tuesday that saw a live confession to murder.

Daily Sabah called it a moment to go down in TV history that Muge Anli- the host of the reality show "Muge Anli ile Tatli Sert" on Atv- heard one of her guests reveal previously unknown details of a murder case, confessing that one of her boyfriends killed the other.

Police interrupted the live broadcast, arresting both the woman and the murder suspect.

ECHR fines Turkey

Turkish dailies cover a European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruling that requires Turkey to pay 2.3 million euros to the relatives of 33 people killed in an air strike by the Turkish army on two villages in the southeastern border province of Sirnak.

Daily Cumhuriyet notes the compensatory fine is one of the highest ever imposed by ECHR on Turkey.

Daily Sabah adds the decision is significant as it may set a precedent for compensation for another deadly air strike in 2011 in the Uludere district of the same city, Sirnak, which killed 35 people whom the army officers mistook for PKK terrorists. The victims were later found to be smugglers.

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