Friday's dailies cover the death of the main suspect in the Paris terror attacks


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Friday's dailies covered news that the main suspect in coordinating the Paris terror attacks was killed on Wednesday in a police raid.

The bullet-riddled body of Abdelhamid Abaaoud was found at a building in the police raid, MILLIYET wrote.

At least 150 police officers were involved in the operation against terrorists, according to AKSAM, which said Abaaoud was identified after comparing fingerprints.

The attacks in the French capital saw at least 129 people killed last Friday.

Abaaoud, 27, from Belgium, was identified as the mastermind of the Paris attacks, HURRIYET wrote. In the police raid, his cousin Hasna Aitboulahcen, 26, blew herself up, the paper added.

She was the first female suicide bomber in Europe, CUMHURIYET wrote. The paper claimed she loved drinking alcohol and having fun.

VATAN claims that Aitboulahcen was also the wife of Abaaoud and that she wanted to join ISIL in Syria.

The paper also wrote that the EU "panicked after the Paris attacks" and is now considering narrowing its Schengen frontier or bringing back border checks.

The Schengen Agreement signed in 1985 currently enables border-free travel in the EU across 26 countries.

"Concerns have been rising in Europe over a new wave of Islamophobia after Paris attacks," STAR wrote, adding: "It would be a shame for Europe if it targets millions [of Muslims] because of the violence of a terror group which has nothing to do with Islam."

HABER TURK quoted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as saying: "We cannot leave the honor of Muslims to a handful of terrorists."

"We should, hand-in-hand, have a clear and principled stand against organizations such as ISIL, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram that do the greatest harm to Muslims by using the name of Islam."

Erdogan was addressing the closing session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s Fifth Islamic Conference of Health Ministers in Istanbul on Thursday.

He urged Muslim countries to unite against terror, the paper said.

In economic news, DUNYA writes that Turkey is to start tight controls over importing solar panels. The Economy Ministry announced that importers who lack an official inspection certificate will have to pay $35 for one kilogram of the material.

Currently, the tax for importing solar panels is around $10 per kilogram.

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