Turkish dailies on Tuesday focus on regime attacks against Turkmen-populated villages in northwestern Syria


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Tuesday’s dailies covered Syrian regime attacks against Turkmen-populated villages in the country’s northwest plus Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s efforts to form a new government following the Nov.1 general election.

“War of Turkmen Mountain,” was MILLIYET’s headline.

Speaking to MILLIYET, Colonel Muhammed Avad, the leader of Turkmen fighters in Syria, said: “Whoever takes control of Turkmen Mountain will also control hills close to the Turkish border. If [Syrian President Bashar] Assad’s forces capture this region, it will have a long border with Turkey after a three-and-a-half-year hiatus.”

MILLIYET reported that young Turkmen fighters stayed in the frontline while elderly people and children moved closer to the Turkish border.

“Send anti-aircraft guns,” was VATAN’s headline, writing that Abdurrahman Mustafa, the head of Turkmen Parliament in Syria, had pleaded for military help from Turkey.

“Warships and warplanes pounded with missiles and battle tanks bombed Turkmen Mountain. We need heavy weapons quickly,” Mustafa was quoted as saying.

Regime forces, supported by Russia’s air campaign, are staging a ground operation in the region.

The attacks began in southeastern Gimam village while Russian jets have intensively bombed the Acisu, Firinlik and Red Mountain (Kizildag) regions in Bayirbucak.

Hezbollah and Iranian forces, fighting actively in the region for about two years, are also supporting the operation.

In the face of military attacks against Turkmen, the Turkish government has begun to raise its voice through diplomatic channels.

“Diplomatic pressure for Turkmen,” was HABERTURK’s headline, reporting that Turkey lobbied the United Nations Security Council for a meeting to discuss the Turkmen situation in northwestern Syria.

According to the daily, Ankara has close talks with the U.S. and the U.K., permanent members of the council.

“New cabinet today,” was YENI SAFAK’s front-page headline, reporting that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu would hold talks on Tuesday over forming a new cabinet.

YENI SAFAK claimed Davutoglu would unveil the cabinet formation after the meeting.

HURRIYET said the meeting was scheduled for late Monday but due to Erdogan’s meetings, the talk was postponed to Tuesday.

The Justice and Development (AK) Party won the majority needed to form a single-party administration in Nov. 1’s general election.

Last week President Erdogan asked Davutoglu to build a government to replace an interim Cabinet formed between the June and November elections.

Financial daily DUNYA reported that Davutoglu would push a new economic program with the new cabinet.

“Davutoglu made preparations for three-phase economic program,” DUNYA said.

However, CUMHURIYET claimed that there has been disagreement between Erdogan and Davutoglu over which is going to be in charge of the economy portfolio.

In sports news, dailies covered Turkish football club Galatasaray’s signing Mustafa Denizli as new team manager.

“Third Denizli term at Galatasaray,” was HABERTURK’s headline. The daily said he would take the helm 23 years after first leading the team.

Turkish manager started his coaching career with Galatasaray between 1987 and 1992, guiding the club to league victory in 1988.

Galatasaray had announced the termination of manager Hamza Hamzaoglu’s contract on Wednesday.

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