Friday's papers cover back-and-forth between Turkish and Russian presidents over shooting down of Russian warplane by Turkey


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Dailies on Friday mainly dedicated their front pages to remarks by Turkish and Russian leaders after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane, which it said violated its airspace.

HURRIYET ran with the headline: “Apology showdown”.

According to the daily, Russian president Vladimir Putin said that there had been no apology from Turkey over the incident.

The newspaper also quoted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who spoke to CNN International in an exclusive interview: “If there is a side who needs to apologize, that is not us, [but] those who violated our airspace.”

HURRIYET also reports - citing anonymous diplomatic sources - that both countries  mutually agreed to suspend air operations in Syria.

“We don’t want tension to rise, [but] will not apologize,” was HABERTURK’s headline, quoting Erdogan.

“Our pilots have done their job,” he said. 

On Tuesday, two Turkish F-16 fighter jets on an aerial patrol intercepted an unidentified warplane within engagement rules when it intruded into Turkish airspace near the Syrian border, according to the Turkish military.

The intruding aircraft was warned about the violation 10 times within five minutes before it was shot down, according to the Turkish military. The plane was later identified as a Russian SU-24.

“No one can defame Turkey,” was SABAH’s front-page headline, quoting Erdogan: “Those who alleged that we are buying oil from ISIL are obligated to prove it.”

Erdogan said that the countries from which Turkey purchases its oil are known. Erdogan said Ankara’s maim oil providers were Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan, according to the newspaper.

Erdogan's remarks came after Putin’s accusations that Turkey was buying oil from ISIL in Syria.

“Russia should apologize,” was the headlines of both MILLIYET and YENISAFAK.

Turkish newspapers also cover the arrest of two prominent opposition journalists over publishing alleged arms smuggling to Syria.

Can Dundar, editor-in-chief of newspaper Cumhuriyet, and the daily’s Ankara bureau chief, Erdem Gul, are accused of espionage and aiding an armed group.

“Black day for the press,” was CUMHURIYET’s headline.

According to the daily, Dundar said: “We are neither spy, traitor nor hero. We are journalists.”

The newspaper where both worked had published photographs and video footage purportedly showing arms-laden trucks near the border with Syria.

“Arrest in the truck news story,” wrote HURRIYET, publishing a photograph of Dundar and his wife Dilek, sitting on the floor of an Istanbul courthouse hallway as they await the prosecutor’s decision. The daily said that it was the couple’s wedding anniversary.

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