Justice and Development Party’s decisive election victory again dominates front pages of Turkish dailies


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Tuesday's newspapers featured a series of interviews with Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, focusing on his election evaluation after a victory for his Justice and Development Party (AKP), on Nov. 1.

"Three reasons for the success" is the front–page headline in MILLIYET.

In an interview with the paper, Davutoglu said: "There are a lot of factors in our success but I think the most important thing is our sincerity."

He also emphasized that stability and the future were also other factors which produced his party’s success.

"People understand that there is no political future without the AKP," he told MILLIYET.

Sunday’s results revealed that Davutoglu’s AKP -- which won a single-party majority of just over 49 percent -- was followed by the Republican People's Party (CHP) on 25.38 percent.

The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) also entered parliament on 11.93 percent while the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) secured 10.7 percent of the vote.

HABERTURK's headline read "The secret of +9" -- a reference to the almost 10-percent increase in the AKP vote from the June 7 general election.

Speaking to HABERTURK on Monday, Davutoglu said that the "silent majority" had returned his party to power: "The silent majority has re-evaluated since June and let the AKP form a government."

Referring to the opposition parties that could not agree to enter into a coalition with the AKP following June’s vote, Davutoglu said they had failed to take their chance.

He also said that his AKP won because "our nation wanted stability".

Davutoglu returned to the theme of a ‘silent majority’ in an interview with STAR newspaper.

"The silent majority broke the shackles" was STAR’s front–page headline.

Davutoglu said there were no losers in this election, adding: "Turkey won; our democracy won."

"Three critical tests" was CUMHURIYET’s headline.

The newspaper claimed that the priorities of the new government were the solution process, the economy and moves towards creating a presidential system in Turkey.

In other news, dailies covered President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's comments Monday after the party he co-founded won enough seats to form a government in the rerun of June’s election

"World should respect," was HURRIYET’s headline.

Erdogan said that the whole world should respect the election results, according to the daily.

"Our nation clearly stated that it prefers stability as of Nov.1," Erdogan was quoted as saying.

STAR's headline read "National will won" referring to Erdogan's speech.

In economic news, financial newspaper DUNYA ran the front-page headline saying: "Politics OK, economy and productivity are waiting". The story suggested that the new AKP government would have to prioritize Turkey’s economy after its election win.

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