On the first day of October 2013, all Turkish dailies widely cover the democratization package announced by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday.


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On the first day of October 2013, all Turkish dailies widely cover the democratization package announced by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday.

STAR says on its front page under the headline “30 September Revolution” that the election threshold would drop to 5 %, private schools could provide education in Kurdish language, a ban on headscarf in public works would be lifted and hate crimes would be harshly punished with the reforms introduced yesterday.

AKSAM quotes Prime Minister Erdogan as saying in his 1-hour long speech during which he revealed the reforms that the package would not be the final democratization step and Turkey was advancing in democracy.

“Pioneer Package” is HURRIYET’s headline to make its readers aware of the democracy reforms and it quotes PM Erdogan as reminding that the first line of Turkey’s national anthem started with the words “Don’t be afraid” and adding that “cowards could not erect a victory monument”.  It says that previously banned letters of Kurdish alphabet X,Y and Z can now be used, villages’ original names in Kurdish can be used, and new rights will be given to Alevi, Suryani (Syriac Christians) and Romani citizens. Hurriyet also says the political party membership conditions were eased and a legal protection on personal data was introduced with the latest reforms.

VATAN places the reactions from other political party leaders to the reforms on its front page, quoting Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu as evaluating the package as a very incomplete one and not even one tenth of their suggestions were among the reforms announced. Nationalist Movement Party parliamentary group deputy leader Oktay Vural was quoted by the same daily as saying that it was obvious that the package was prepared under the terrorist organization PKK’s demands. On the other hand, Peace and Democracy Party deputy leader Gultan Kisanak said on the reformist package that none of their expectations were met and it had no capacity to remedy the bottleneck reached in the peace process, VATAN also says on the front page.

MILLIYET says that US President Barack Obama is about to shut US government down due to a deal that could not be reached between Republicans and Democrats on the budget cuts. The daily says if the deal cannot be reached, the US government will have to shut down for business for the first time since 1996 and approximately 800,000 public workers could be asked to use unpaid leave.

HABER TURK says an F-4 fighter jet from Turkish Air Force crashed near Sivas province yesterday. It says that the training jet’s pilots had a change to eject in time and they were later found by villagers and they were in sound health. MILLIYET on the same news says that Pilot Colonel Serdar Celiker and Pilot Captain Fatih Tum were slightly injured when they were found. It says that yesterday’s crash was the 11th F-4 crash in the past 11 years. 

On BUGUN’s sports pages the news about the new coach of Galatasaray football team is covered. The daily says that Italian coach Roberto Manchini would be leading his team in the Champions League game that is to be played this week against Italian giants Juventus.

MILLIYET says Besiktas lost on Sunday out to Antalyaspor by 2 goals to nothing after a very poor away game and lost the top place in the Turkish Super League standing.

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Muhammed Öylek