Ankara attack that killed 97 people on Saturday continues to dominate front pages of Tuesday's dailies


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The Ankara attack that killed 97 people on Saturday continues to dominate the front pages of Tuesday's dailies.

“Suspects linked to ISIL,” was HURRIYET’s headline.

HURRIYET claimed Turkish officials were on the verge of identifying the two suicide bombers, adding that evidence pointed to ISIL.

“Terrorist crossed into Turkey from Syria and stayed in a [sleeper] cell's house in Ankara,” HURRIYET claimed.

“Suspect ISIL related groups,” was MILLIYET’s headline, claiming like HURRIYET that Turkish authorities were close to identifying the suicide bombers.

“Officials took blood samples from seven families whose members were suspected to have joined ISIL,” MILLIYET reported.

“Very close,” was HABERTURK’s headline, stressing the fact that, as Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said, Turkey was close to identifying the suicide bombers.

“That points to an organization. We know how they entered into a public square [where the rally was held],” Davutoglu said, according to HABERTURK.

The daily also claimed that it had acquired photos of the two suicide bombers.

“One of the bombers’ face is still in one piece. Turkish authorities are attempting to locate [suspects] based on this photograph,” the daily said.

The daily claimed one of the bombers could be a Syrian.

“Here is Turkish ISIL,” run VATAN’s front page. It published a photo, taken from video footage, showing a group of about 10 people holding guns. The daily suggests that the Turkish citizens shown in the picture have joined ISIL.

“For the first time, ISIL’s Turkish council was revealed. Turkish ISIL called on [their supporters] either join them [in Syria] or rise in their homeland,” VATAN claimed.

VATAN suggested that video was recorded in Syria’s Raqqa and Cezire regions, which are under ISIL control.

“Fear of ISIL,” was CUMHURIYET’s headline, claiming that Turkish authorities were purposely avoiding naming the organization that is behind the Ankara attack for security reasons.

“The daily understood that Davutoglu and [the Justice and Development Party, or AK Party] spokesperson avoided naming any organization in order not to awaken ISIL’s cell in Turkey,” the daily claimed.

“Bloody design,” was STAR’s headline.

The daily alleged that ISIL, PKK, and DHKP-C had united against Turkey with the help of Syria's Bashar Al-Assad regime.

“Their aim is to increase votes for the Peoples’ Democratic Party, or HDP [dominant in southeastern Turkey where citizens of Kurdish origin constitute the majority of the population] and weaken Turkey,” the daily suggested.

Many dailies also covered stories of those killed in Saturday's attack and their funerals.

“Time stopped,” was HABERTURK’s headline, reporting that 54 people were laid to rest on Monday.

“Many Turkish people went on a strike on Monday, protesting Turkey’s biggest terrorist attack,” the daily said.

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