The opening of the new legislative year at the Turkish parliament, reactions to the democratization package, government shutdown in the US, a Turkish-Chinese missile deal, and rise in trade between Turkey and Egypt


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On Wednesday, Turkish dailies covered Turkish President Abdullah Gul’s speech at the opening of the new legislative year at the Turkish parliament, Turkish First Lady’s attendance at the parliament's opening, reactions to Turkish government's recently-announced democratization package, the US government shutdown, a Turkish-Chinese missile agreement, and rise trade between Turkey and Egypt.

Daily YENI SAFAK headlined "Reform spirit should continue," citing President Gul’s support for wide spread reforms aimed at enlarging the sphere of freedoms in Turkey. YENI SAFAK quoted Gul as saying, "There is great benefit in keeping the reform spirit alive that is appreciated by the West and the East." Daily STAR headlined, "Ballot box is the biggest assurance," saying that President Gul called the package a "silent revolution," and quoting the President as saying, "the ballot box is the biggest guarantee for a democratic tradition."

"Peace of brotherhood cannot be achieved through bargain," Daily SABAH headlined, publishing Gul’s remarks on the recent solution process. "Necessary steps should be taken to conclude the solution process with the peace of brotherhood,” the daily quoted President Gul as saying.

Turkish dailies also covered Turkish First Lady Hayrunnisa Gul's particpation in a reception at the Turkish parliament Wednesday to mark the opening of the new legislative year. Daily HABERTURK said, "First Lady at the opening for the first time," while daily VATAN noted "First time in 6 years."

Dailies also covered reactions to the democratization package. SABAH headlined "Praise and support from world to package" and said that "from the US to the UK, from France to China, the world press applauded the democratization package that Turkish PM Erdogan unveiled." The daily published remarks by prominent foreign newspapers regarding the package.

Daily STAR headlined "First step is a Syriac school," saying that "the Southeast Syriac Culture Center applied to the Ministry of Education to provide education in Syriac." The daily also noted some schools have prepared to offer education in Kurdish. "Like in a dream," titled YENİ SAFAK, publishing the story of a headscarf-wearing teacher who was expelled from school during the February 28th process. "This must be a dream. I am so happy. We were sure that the government would lift this ban eventually," educator Nurcan Berber told the newspaper. STAR said NGOs supported the democratization package as well.

Turkish Minister defended China missile deal

Turkish Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz defended the decision to cooperate with a Chinese company in producing long range missiles. VATAN headlined, "We chose China because…" and published Yilmaz’s remarks on the defense system. Minister Yilmaz told the daily that "there is no compatibility problem with NATO. We requested co-production and technology transfers from bidders. Did other countries provide that? If not, we will choose a bidder who provides that. Additionally, Chinese offered the lowest price." 

Turkish dailies covered the shutdown of the US government. Daily ZAMAN said "there is a budget crisis in the US. Public services came to a halt." The daily reported that this was the first shutdown in 17 years and 40 percent of public workers faced unpaid leave. Daily MILLIYET said that "even the Statue of Liberty is closed."

Financial newspaper DUNYA titled "Trade recovery with Egypt," publishing that Turkish firms' desire to invest in Egypt had increased after chilled relations between Turkey and Egypt cooled down. The daily noted the military coup in Egypt had triggered a political escalation between two countries, but stated that this tension did not affect economic relations. “Foreign trade is back on track and [Turkish] investors have shaken off their reluctance to invest [in Egypt]" the daily reported.

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Muhammed Öylek