Tuesday's newspapers cover the corruption probe targeting President's Erdogan's son, PM Davutoglu’s unveiling of the new government program as well as more detentions in Turkey’s ‘wiretapping’ sweep.


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Most Turkish newspapers cover Tuesday the corruption probe targeting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s son, Prime Minister Davutoglu’s unveiling of the new government program as well as more detentions in Turkey’s 'wiretapping' sweep.

HURRIYET runs the headline, "The case closed," referring to a ruling by Istanbul's top prosecutor that there are no legal grounds for the prosecution of 96 suspects, including President Erdogan’s son Bilal Erdogan, who was accused by prosecutors of bribery and corruption in the December 25 investigation.

The newspaper quoted prosecutors Ismail Ucar, Irfan Fidan and Fuzuli Aydogan as saying in the non-prosecution verdict on September 1: "...Those who prepared the investigation showed that they attempted to remove the government by force or prevent it from conducting its duties completely or partly, under the disguise of a legal probe."

The front page today’s VATAN reads: "Coup attempt." The daily reported on the third wave of arrests that police officers who were involved in the corruption probes launched in December 2013 are for the first time accused of attempting to overthrow the government.

Thirty-three police officials were being sought in the early hours of Monday on charges including wiretapping, espionage and forgery. The anti-graft operation took place across several police departments in Istanbul and in 16 Turkish cities earlier on September 1.

In other news, most Turkish dailies also cover the new government program which introduced for the first time the documentation of the ongoing peace process with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) as an intelligence issue.

HABERTURK headlines "Peace is on the agenda for the first time." The newspaper reports that the government will take "strong steps" aimed at solving the country’s domestic issues, with the "solution process" being given top priority. Davutoglu is quoted as saying that the government will take these steps with determination, and said Turkey's position in the world will be strengthened as a nation.

The "solution process" refers to the Turkish government's efforts to find a permanent settlement to a 30-year-old conflict with the PKK in Turkey's southeast that has claimed more than 40,000 lives.

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