Wednesday's dailies carry remarks by Ahmet Davutoglu during his first overseas engagement as Turkey's prime minister. Speaking in north of Cyprus, he called on all sides on the divided island to work together to set an example of peace building.


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Most Turkish dailies on Wednesday covered Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu's call for all sides to work together to set a peace-making example in Cyprus.

Davutoglu spoke on Tuesday at a joint press conference with Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus President Dervis Eroglu in Lefkosa.

"Let's wander around Cyprus" said SABAH, quoting Davutoglu as he called on his Greek counterpart Antonis Samaras to work towards a peaceful resolution of the decades-old conflict.

Davutoglu said: “If the honorable Greek prime minister is ready, let's go to the South first, take a tea together, have a chat.

“Then let's come to the North and get together again. The Mediterranean has been the common sea of so many civilizations and nations. Let's together build peace here," the paper reported the Turkish PM saying.

The island of Cyprus has remained divided into Greek and Turkish zones since a Greek Cypriot coup was followed by a Turkish peace mission to aid Turkish Cypriots in 1974.

Negotiations over Cyprus resumed after a 2004 deal put forward by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to reunify Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot communities.

The plan was defeated by a no vote in a referendum on the Greek side of the island, whereas Turkish Cypriots voted in favor.

MILLIYET cited Davutoglu as saying: "I call on Mr [Nicos] Anastasiades – the Greek Cypriot administration leader – from here: let's make this peace as soon as possible, not tomorrow but today, not next week but this week, not next year but this year.

“We wanted that Turkey, Greece, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Greek Cypriot administration to sit around the same table and think about how we can make the eastern Mediterranean a basin of peace.

“However, no matter how a strong willingness we have shown, unfortunately, we have not found the response we wanted."

Some dailies also covered news that several major Turkish cities, including Istanbul and the capital Ankara, are to be administered by new governors.

Vasip Sahin, former governor of Malatya, has replaced long-serving Huseyin Avni Mutlu as governor of Istanbul, TURKIYE reported. The paper quoted the new mayor as saying:

"It is a surprise to me. I was not expecting that I would have the burden of responsibility for such a metropolis..."

Mehmet Kiliclar, Turkey’s former security director general, has been appointed as governor of Ankara, the paper said.

In addition, state broadcaster TRT’s director general, Ibrahim Sahin, has been appointed as governor of Samsun YENI SAFAK reported. A replacement has yet to be named.

In other news, almost all Turkish dailies covered the appearance of Lady Gaga in concert in Istanbul – her first performance in Turkey.

The American singer performed at Istanbul Technical University's stadium as part of her fourth concert tour: ‘ArtRAVE: the ARTPOP ball.’

"Naked Lady" was VATAN’s headline stressing that the performer changed her clothes every three songs and even did a striptease in front of her fans.

Famous for her outrageous outfits, Gaga addressed her fans in Turkish: "Sizi seviyorum" (I love you), AKSAM reported.

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