Turkish PM’s remarks in Ankara meeting and Syrian refugees marching to reach Edirne dominated Tuesday’s headlines


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The majority of the newspapers on Tuesday dedicated their front pages to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s remarks at a meeting in Turkish capital Ankara where he presented Justice and Development (AK) Party candidates for the Nov. 1 general election.

The Nov. 1 general election is a rerun of the June 7 election that saw the ruling AK Party lose its majority and plunge the country into political uncertainty.

“3 calls to opposition,” was SABAH’s headline, reporting that Davutoglu made overtures to other political party leaders regarding three issues during the meeting.

According to SABAH, Davutoglu said that the presidency position should be out of discussion during the election campaign.

Second, he proposed an agreement on a joint position against violence and terror.

Davutoglu also suggested that a “gentleman’s agreement” to be reached between the political parties in Turkey to prevent noise and environmental pollution during the campaigns.

Traditionally, during campaigns in Turkey, numerous election vans blare out party tunes throughout the country's city streets decorated with flags of parties. 

“Yes to the gentleman’s agreement,” was HABERTURK’s headline, referring to Davutoglu’s call.

“The CHP [Republican People’s Party] reacted postively to my [...] proposal not to use flags outside of [election] offices,” Davutoglu, who was interviewed by a private Turkish TV channel Monday night, was quoted by HABERTURK as saying.

“Election without flags,” was VATAN’s headline, while STAR ran with the headline “With love just like on the first day,” featuring a picture of AK Party candidates holding hands up in the air at the candidate presentation meeting in Ankara.

Turkish dailies also covered a group of attempts by refugees, mostly Syrian, to march towards the northwestern province of Edirne to cross into Greece, i.e. into Europe.

Between 150 and 300 refugees, including women and children, have been waiting at Istanbul’s main coach station for almost a week to take busses for Edirne.

They were blocked by security forces as they walked along the motorway near Istanbul’s outskirt district of Esenyurt on Monday.

CUMHURIYET claimed that Turkish police stopped the group after allowing them to walk for around 23 km.

According to the daily, one German citizen, one French and three Syrians were detained during the march.

HURRIYET ran with the headline “Second march started and ended”, featuring pictures of the refugees, with their luggage, embarking on buses to be sent back to the center of Istanbul.   

The daily also reported that some 23 refugees who took a taxi to go to Edirne were also stopped by security forces in the northwestern province of Tekirdag (some 140 km from Edirne).

Millions of Syrian refugees have fled their country since war broke out more than four years ago. Nearly 2 million are hosted in Turkey, home to the world’s largest Syrian refugee population.

Turkish dailies also covered the winners of the 67th Emmy Awards, which took place on Sunday.

American fantasy drama Game of Thrones dominated the Emmy Awards, winning the best drama award for the first time since its five years on the air.

“That show was on the throne again,” was MILLIYET’s headline, while AKSAM wrote in English “Game of Emmy”, featuring a picture of one of the show's stars Peter Dinklage who received the Emmy for best supporting actor for a second time.


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