30th of September 2013 Turkey's democratization package to be announced by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan,


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On Monday, 30th of September 2013, Turkey's democratization package to be announced by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, deadly attacks killed many people in Irbil in northern Iraq and in Peshawar, Pakistan and veteran actor Tuncel Kurtiz's funeral, where thousands of fans and many prominent figures of Turkish drama and cinema gathered, are the mostly covered stories by Turkish newspapers.

Daily STAR covers on the front page Turkey's democratization package with "Historic day for freedoms" headline. The daily quotes Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan as saying "With this package, we will add new reforms to the existing ones that we've made for 11 years."

"Mastership Package" is the Daily YENISAFAK's headline. It says the reform package will start a new era in Turkey in the fields of education, politics and private life. The daily also gives place to details of the package and quotes Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan as saying "This [reform package] is not the first, it will not be the final."

With its "History will be written in Ankara today" headline, daily SABAH also covers the package on the front page. It reports the package consist of 41 articles and targets everyone to feel himself as a first-class citizen and the daily gives place to some details of the package.

"Bloody Sunday again" is the Daily STAR's headline over deadly attacks took place in Peshawar, Pakistan. The daily refers to the last week's church attack, which killed 60 people and says this time a market place was targeted killing 40 people.

Deadly attack in Pakistan also was covered by the Daily YENISAFAK. It says explosive-laden car was detonated in a historic market place, at least 37 people were killed and 80 others were wounded.

Daily MILLIYET on the same news uses "Massacre in marketplace" headline. The daily says Pakistan experiences another shock after last week's church attack. An explosive-laden car was detonated by a remote-control, killing 39 people and wounding 100 others.

Daily RADIKAL uses "Everywhere is Tuncel, Everywhere is Kurtiz" headline for the veteran Turkish actor Tuncel Kurtiz, who passed away at the age of 77 on Friday. It says Kurtiz was said final farewells with attendance of more than 10 thousands of people. People needed to go to cemetery on foot for kilometres when the roads were blocked due to crowds, the daily states.

"10 thousands people bid farewell to Kurtiz" is Daily MILLIYET's headline. The daily reports 10 thousands of people gathered for funeral and his cemetery is situated on roadside and with sea view in compliance with his desire.

Daily HURRIYET also covers Turkish actor Kurtiz's funeral with its "Ten thousands of people's farewell on Mount Ida" headline. The newspaper reports Tuncel Kurtis was buried in Camlibel village. A cemetery with sea view was prepared for him. During the funeral, "everywhere is Tuncel, everywhere is Kurtiz" slogans were chanted.

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Muhammed Öylek