120 Jews will meet to discuss Jewish money

The 120 most important Jewish policy-makers will gather for two days as part of the Jewish People Policy Institute's Conference.

120 Jews will meet to discuss Jewish money

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The 120 most important Jews in the world will meet next week in Jerusalem for two days to discuss how best to use the money of the Jewish world.

This may sound like a scene from the fevered paranoid imagination of the shadowy author of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, but it is actually a paraphrased abbreviation of a press release put out by the Jewish People Policy Institute, reported Haaretz. 

JPPI is holding its Conference on the Future of the Jewish People, where the assorted luminaries including Shimon Peres, Benjamin Netanyahu, Dan Shapiro, Bernard-Henri Levy and Natan Sharansky will discuss among other things, according to JPPI President Avinoam Bar-Yosef, "the entirety of the resources available within the Jewish world" and will "consider more efficient ways to utilize them to meet future strategic needs of the Jewish people."

What I find striking about this conference is that while there may be a few philanthropists among the 120 wise men (and women I assume ), the great majority of those gathered, despite being well-paid professionals and public servants, will not actually be discussing how to use their own fortunes.

The "resources available within the Jewish world" means essentially other people's money - that of Israeli taxpayers (and in some cases that of citizens of other countries ) and the hard-earned cash of Jewish givers, be they humble middle-class synagogue membership payers and annual subscribers or billionaire mega-donors.

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