200 anti-coup protestors detained in Rabaa

200 people have been detained at the Rabaa al-Adawiya Squareprotest camp in Egypt, according to Egyptian state TV.

200 anti-coup protestors detained in Rabaa

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200 people have been detained at the Rabaa al-Adawiya Squareprotest camp in Egypt, according to Egyptian state TV.

The channel claims the detained include members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the political organization from which Morsi hails.


Anti-coup protestors end Mustafa Mahmoud Square sit-in

Supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi ended a sit-in they had staged earlier Wednesday in Mustafa Mahmoud Square in Cairo because of their few numbers.

They plan to re-assemble in the square, located in the upmarket district of Mohaniseen, on Thursday.

143 people killed in different provinces

Some 35 people were killed and 200 others injured in Fayoum, 100 km off Cairo, a health source told Anadolu Agency.

Month-long curfew in Egypt delayed 2 hours

The curfew in Egypt has been delayed for two hours to begin at 21:00 Egyptian local time, and will be enforced for a month as of Thursday between 19:00 pm and 06:00 am, Egypt's state TV said. 

Nour party says political violence threatens society

Egypt's second largest Islamist party called on Wednesday for an end to political violence it said threatened to split society.

The Nour Party said it held the army-backed government responsible for bloodshed which killed hundreds on Wednesday after security forces moved against supporters of the deposed president, Mohamed Morsi.

US also condemns Egypt massacre

18:35- The White House condemned a violent crackdown on protesters in Egypt on Wednesday and strongly opposed the declaration of a state of emergency there made by Egypt's military leaders.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest, briefing reporters as President Barack Obama was on an eight-day vacation, urged Egypt's military leaders to respect the basic human rights of the Egyptian people.

Earnest said the violence will only make it more difficult for the parties there to return to a path of peace and democracy.

Egypt imposes curfew from 7 pm to 6 am

18:02 -Egypt imposes curfew in "a number of provinces" from 7 pm to 6 am. 

13 killed in Egypt's Suez, Ismailia, Sharqiya 

17:30 - 13 killed in Egypt's Suez, Ismailia, Sharqiya in protests at dispersal of pro-Morsi sit-ins: security sources

Egypt declares month-long state of emergency

16:52 - Egypt's presidency declared month-long state of emergency as of 4:00 p.m. Cairo local time

UN chief condemns military 'violence' in Egypt

16:50 -U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday condemned violence used by Egyptian security forces to clear Cairo of protesters demanding the reinstatement of deposed President Mohamed Mursi.

While the United Nations was still gathering information, it appeared that hundreds of people were killed or wounded in clashes between security forces and demonstrators, according to a statement by the secretary-general's spokesperson.

Sky News cameraman killed in protests in Egypt

16:07 -TV cameraman from Britain's Sky News killed in protests in Egypt, Sky News says. 

Egyptian junta discussing to declare a curfew after 5 p.m.

16:05- Egypt's Interior Ministry has announced it is discussing whether to declare a curfew after 5 p.m.

Daughter of Brotherhood leader Beltagui killed in Rabaa

15:02 -Daughter of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Beltagui killed in Rabaa

Qatar condemns attack on Brotherhood protest camp

14:53 -Qatar condemned an attack by Egyptian security forces on Muslim Brotherhood supporters camping out in Cairo on Wednesday that killed at least 30 people.

State news agency QNA quoted a foreign ministry official as urging Egyptian authorities to "refrain from the security option in dealing with peaceful protests, and to preserve the lives of Egyptians at protest sites."

Qatar had strongly backed ousted President Mohamed Mursi's Brotherhood government.

Brotherhood leader Beltagui reportedly arrested

14:33 - Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Beltagui reportedly arrested: security source

EU calls for restraint from Egypt authorities

13:16- The European Union said on Wednesday that reports that protesters had been killed in a security force crackdown were "extremely worrying" and called for restraint from Egyptian authorities.

Egyptian security forces killed at least 30 people on Wednesday when they cleared a camp of Cairoprotesters who were demanding the reinstatement of deposed President Mohamed Mursi, his Muslim Brotherhood movement said. Two members of the Egyptian security forces were shot dead, the state news agency reported.

"The reports of deaths and injuries are extremely worrying," Michael Mann, a spokesman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said. "We reiterate that violence won't lead to any solution and we urge the Egyptian authorities to proceed with utmost restraint." (Reporting by Adrian Croft; Editing by Barbara Lewis)

Adviser to Egypt's grand imam condemns massacre

12:55 - An adviser to Al-Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb has strongly condemned attacks by Egyptian security forces on supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi in Cairo and Giza.

In a Wednesday statement, Sheikh Hasan al-Shafae said peaceful protest was a guaranteed right and could not be dispersed by any authority.

He said the right to hold peaceful protests and strikes was one of the gains of Egypt's 2011 revolution and was guaranteed by international conventions.

"No authority can take away this right by preventing strikes or marches by any means," al-Shafae said.

He warned that the violent dispersal of the pro-Morsi sit-ins could lead to more bloodshed.

Protesters clash with Egyptian police in Minya, Assiut 

12:39 - Supporters of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi clashed with security forces on Wednesday in the Egyptian cities of Minya and Assiut, security sources said.

Security forces fired tear gas at thousands of Moorsi supporters who had set part of a church on fire inMinya. In Assiut about 3,000 Mursi supporters clashed with police. 

Egyptian army opens fire on protesters again

12:37 - The Egyptian army opened fire on Wednesday on supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi, who were trying to join a protest camp in Cairo which was attacked by security forces, a Reuters witness said.

The Reuters reporter said he saw about 20 people who had been shot in the legs by soldiers. Morsi's supporters had been throwing stones and petrol bombs at Egyptian troops.

Army officer, soldier killed in attack on army vehicle

12:10 - Army officer, soldier killed in attack on army vehicle in Ismailia: Source

Dozens of Nahda protesters arrested 

12:01- Security forces have arrested dozens of supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi who had been camped out in Giza's Nahda Square, eyewitnesses said Wednesday morning.

Security forces stormed Urman Park, where a number of pro-Morsi protesters were holed up after their sit-in was forcibly dispersed earlier in the day.

According to eyewitnesses, fire had spread from burning tents and tires in the square to several parked cars.

Vehicles passing in nearby streets, meanwhile, are reportedly being searched for fleeing Muslim Brotherhood leaders and weapons.

Anadolu Agency staff briefly detained in Cairo

12:00 - An Anadolu Agency cameraman and a photojournalist were briefly detained in Cairo Wednesday while covering police dispersal of a pro-Morsi sit-in in capital's Rabaa al-Adawiya Square. 

The AA staff have been released after police impounded their photos and video footage. 

Church in Minya torched by masked men

11:30 - Church in Upper Egypt's Minya torched by masked men.

Gunmen open fire at pro-Morsi protesters in western Cairo 

11:11 Gunmen open fire at pro-Morsi protesters in Moustafa Mahmoud Square in western Cairo: eyewitnesses

Muslim Broterhood leaders arrested

10:59 - Egypt interior minister offical says a number of Broterhood leaders have been arrested, too early to give names- CBC TV. 

Egyptian troops besieged protesters inside Faculty building

10:39 - Egyptian troops are besieging hundreds of supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi inside the Faculty of Engineering, which is located close to Nahda Square.

"There are at least six people killed and tens wounded," one of the protesters  told the Anadolu Agency.

"The bodies are still on the ground inside the Faculty building," she said, asking not to be named for fear of arrest.

Egypt suspend railway services to Cairo

10:30 - Egyptian authorities suspend railway services to Cairo from other governorates.

Cautious calm in Egypt's Nahda

10:18 - A state of cautious calm prevailed in Nahda Square, where thousands of supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi used to hold a major sit-in, after police forcibly dismantled the camp.

Anadolu Agency correspondent reported that the protesters were dispersed to the nearby streets, as police moved in to remove the protesters' tents in the square.

A number of protesters are trying to assemble outside nearby al-Isteqama mosque to try to push their way back to the square. 

"We would not give up our right to peaceful defense of the popular will and the democratic path," a protester said.

Eyewitnesses said dozens of protesters were arrested in the assault.

Egyptian interior ministry says two policemen killed, nine wounded

10:03 - The Egyptian Interior Ministry said two policemen were killed and nine were wounded during the dispersal of sit-ins staged by supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi.

In a statement, the ministry said its troops came under fire while they only used tear gas against protesters.

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