22 ISIL terrorists 'neutralized' in north Syria

Turkish army hits 272 ISILtargets in northern Syria, says General Staff

22 ISIL terrorists 'neutralized' in north Syria

World Bulletin / News Desk

Twenty-two ISIL terrorists were "neutralized" in northern Syria over the last 24 hours as part of Turkish-backed Operation Euphrates Shield, the Turkish military said Friday. 

Turkish authorities use the word "neutralized" in their statements to imply the terrorists in question were killed, captured, or surrounded. 

The Turkish Armed Forces also hit 272 ISIL targets including command and control facilities, defense points, shelters, vehicles, and weapons used by ISIL terrorists in northern Syria, said a Turkish General Staff statement on the 157th day of the operation.​

Turkish jets also hit 21 buildings used as shelters, two headquarters, one weapons depot, and four bomb-laden vehicles. Also, 73 handmade explosives were neutralized. ​

Since the beginning of the operation 3,282 handmade explosives and 55 mines were neutralized under controlled conditions. 

Operation Euphrates Shield began in late August to tighten border security, eliminate the terror threat along Turkish borders, and support opposition forces in Syria. The Free Syrian Army is backed by Turkish artillery and jets as a part of the operation.

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