95 percent of Daraya district have fled to neighboring areas

Syrian National Coalition releases a report which brings plight of war-torn Daraya suburb into light.

95 percent of Daraya district have fled to neighboring areas
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Syrian National Coalition (SNC), representing the opposition groups at Geneva peace talks, have reported that 95 percent of the people in the Daraya district have migrated to neighboring areas, since the outbreak of Syria’s civil war.

The population of the suburb was 250,000 before the war broke out; today only 7,000 people remain, struggling to survive under blockade, according to the report. 

The area has been heavily under attack by the Assad regime forces for 14 months. Daraya is one of the largest suburbs in Damascus, and a key strategic area due to its arterial roads that enable communication with the south side of the country.

The attacks have left 1,960 people dead and have forced 20,000 families out of their homes.

In addition, 1,608 people are reported to have been tortured at regime's prisons.

Daraya was one of hotspots for anti-government demonstrations during the early days of the protests against Assad's regime, which started in March 2011. 

The first demonstrations erupted in the district on March 15, 2011, after which five people, including two women, were allegedly detained.

In April 22, the ‘Big Friday’ demonstration was held on April 22 - nearly 15,000 people attended.

Security forces reportedly intervened in the demonstration with real bullets and tear gas bombs, killing three protesters and wounding 20 others. 

About 40,000 people from Daraya and neighboring towns attended the funeral ceremony of the dead protesters, but the regime responded with tanks and heavy arms.

Demonstrations escalated into armed fighting when Syria army and the Shabiha, groups of armed militia in support of the government, held operations in August of 2012.

Since then, regime troops initiated the blockade, prohibiting entrance into and exit from the area.

Opponent fighters, naming themselves the Free Syrian Army (FSA), clashed with the regime forces, taking 70 percent of the suburb.

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