Abbas urges support for UN resolution to end occupation

The pledged Arab donation would make up half the amount of donations the Palestinian unity government aims to gather at Cairo's conference

Abbas urges support for UN resolution to end occupation

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday has urged international support for a U.N. resolution on a timetable to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

"There must be a new approach to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, end the Israeli occupation and produce a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital," Abbas said at the opening of an international conference for Gaza reconstruction in Cairo.

"The international community is now required - now more than ever – to support our request for a U.N. resolution that would put in place a timetable for the end of Israeli occupation," he added.

Abbas said that the Israeli occupation is preventing Palestinians from benefiting from 60 percent of the West Bank lands and inflicting $3 billion in annual loss to the Palestinian economy.

He also warned of the consequences of Israel's failure to abide by the international resolutions and the two-state solution, saying it could drive the region into a cycle of violence and conflict.

"The Israeli occupation has not given up its systematic plan to seize the Palestinian land. The Israeli aggression should not go unpunished," he added.

He also voiced hope that the international community would not "fail us" in providing support for Gaza reconstruction.

"All crossings between Palestinian and the world must go operational. The Palestinian economy should not remain hostage to the Israeli occupation," he added.

Arabs to offer $2bln at Gaza meet

Arab states have pledged to present $2 billion at Sunday's international donors' conference for the rebuilding of the Gaza Strip, currently underway in Cairo, a Palestinian official said.

The official, requesting anonymity, said that several Arab states over the past month have confirmed this donation sum during meetings with Palestinian ministers in the run up to the one-day event hosted by Cairo with the attendance of 50 state delegations.

The pledged Arab donation would make up half the amount of donations the Palestinian unity government aims to gather at Cairo's conference in order to implement a reconstruction plan in the war-battered Gaza Strip announced earlier this month.

"We are in dire need for Arab and foreign donations at this point," the official, who is taking part in Cairo's donors' conference, told Anadolu Agency. "No previous war on the Gaza Strip has result in this scale of destruction."

About 30 foreign ministers and representatives of 20 regional and international organizations, including the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, are taking part in the conference, chaired by Egypt and Norway.

U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon and Arab League Secretary-General Nabil al-Arabi are also attending the event.

For seven weeks in July and August, Israel pummeled the Gaza Strip with the stated aim of halting rocket fire from the Palestinian territory.

The offensive left around 2,160 Palestinians dead and some 11,000 others injured – the vast majority of them civilians – while destroying residential structures and infrastructure across the coastal strip.

Israel also destroyed thousands of homes and facilities in the embattled Palestinian territory, creating tough humanitarian conditions for its Palestinian population of around 1.8 million.

The Arab League said earlier this month that it hoped to raise $5 billion at the conference for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.

The Gaza Strip has reeled under a crippling Israeli blockade since 2006.


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