After Paris, Iran spy chief warns Tehran could be next

Iranian officials have warned about the possibility of an attack by ISIL

After Paris, Iran spy chief warns Tehran could be next

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After the series of attacks Nov. 13 that killed at least 129 people in France, Iranian Minister of Intelligence Mahmoud Alavi is warning that ISIL could have its sights set on Iran.

According to a report in Al Monitor, at a Nov. 15 security conference in Tehran, Minister Alavi warned that one of the most dangerous threats to Iran comes from ISIL. He said that although Iran has taken the necessary precautions, he added, “The recent bombings are a serious warning to us that needs the consideration of specialists.”

Alavi did not state if the potential threat emanates from inside Iran or from groups in neighboring countries.

Gen. Ahmad Reza Pourdestan, commanding officer of the Iranian army's ground forces, spoke Nov. 16 of concerns about having ISIL on Iran's western and eastern borders. The attacks on Diyala province in Iraq, on Iran’s eastern border, led to the decision that if ISIL was within 25 miles of Iran’s borders, its military will take action. 

Pourdestan said that in northern Afghanistan, Taliban and ISIL forces have united to “invade Iran,” but he added that ISIL forces are currently unable to do so.

Iran has forces in Syria and Iraq, fighting both ISIL militants and armed groups that oppose the Syrian government. Iran says its soldiers are “advisers,” but dozens of Iranians have died since large-scale operations began in September. Pourdestan said these soldiers are from the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds Force but if necessary, the Iranian army is also prepared to send in soldiers.

Although Pourdestan is talking of a military campaign, the threat of ISIL attacking Iran from within is entirely possible. According to Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Iraq had warned France, the United States and Iran that IS had plans to attack inside their countries.


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