Al-Khatip to remain in office for now

SNC Turkey representative Halid Hoca said al-Khatib resigned in order to boycott regional pressure.

Al-Khatip to remain in office for now

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Free Syrian Army, or FSA, has announced that they would not support the interim government headed by Gassan Hito.

FSA spokesman Abdulhamid Zekeriya told AA correspondent that it was impossible for the general staff of FSA to stand by a government that was not supported by all parties.

Saying that their decision was not related with the resignation of Moaz al-Khatib, head of Syrian National Coalition (SNC), Zekeriyya said they took the decision a day before
Khatib's resignation. He said they did not want to interfere in politics but decisions should be taken when needed, in order to protect the revolution.

He said the interim government was not supported by all members of SNC, claiming the biggest threat against the revolution was not providing unity within Syria.

"Al-Khatip is to remain in office for now"

Meanwhile, SNC member Heysem al-Malih said al-Khatib was persistent on his resignation. Meeting with al-Khatib in Cairo, capital of Egypt, in order to persuade him to give up, al-Malih said al-Khatib was persistent on his resignation due to the lack of international community's support.

"Due to the lack of that support, Syrians started thinking that SNC had not been doing anything," said al-Malih and claimed that caused al-Khatib to resign, but al-Khatib was announced to remain in office until the final decision of the General Assembly.

Haysam al-Malih told AA that "al-Khatib was still the president" and reported that the final and official decision to resign would be made in the meeting that would be held in two weeks.

Malih also stated that the majority of the members of the General Assembly wanted the continuation of the task of Khatib. However, in the case of insistence of Khatip on resignation, they would look for a new president, Malih said. Malih stated Khatib's attendance to the Arab League Summit, to be held in Qatar, was not clear, adding that the Coalition members wanted al-Khatib to represent the people of Syria in the summit.

At the same time, Egyptian FM Mohammed Kamel Amr, Qatari PM and FM Hamad Bin Casim Bin Cabir al-Thani, and Arab League SG Nabel Al-Arabi met over al-Khatib's resignation in Doha, capital of Qatar, where they had been visiting for Arab League meeting.

Moaz al-Khatib resigned Sunday as the leader of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.

"I had promised our great people, and I promised God that I will resign if some red lines were crossed, and I fulfilled my promise today and announced my resignation from the National Coalition; so that I can work freely [which] cannot be provided within the official institutions," Al-Khatib said on his Facebook page.

He did not elaborate what those "red lines" were.

"Resignation was for boycotting regional pressure"

SNC Turkey representative Halid Hoca said al-Khatib resigned in order to boycott regional pressure. Hoca told AA correspondent that al-Khatib was believing that Syrians should have decided on the interim government but there were interventions on the election of the interim prime minister.

Hoca claimed that "regional friends" imposed force on SNC during the election of the interim prime minister and those were the red lines of al-Khatib.

Saying that the resignation's timing was wrong, Hoca added in addition to their fight with Assad, now they were trying to cope with the friends that were both supporting and imposing force on them.

On FSA's not recognizing the interim government, Hoca said the announcement was the personal announcement of some commanders. "FSA commanders welcomed our president in Aleppo today, why would they welcome him if they do not support," said Hoca.


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