Al-Qaeda 'executes' 14 soldiers in Yemen

Al-Qaeda said its fighters had killed the soldiers due to a campaign against them by the Yemeni army over the last three days.

Al-Qaeda 'executes' 14 soldiers in Yemen

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Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility early on Saturday for late Friday's execution of 14 Yemeni soldiers in the southern province of Hadhramaut.

The organization said in a statement that its militants had stopped a bus carrying soldiers in the province, forced the soldiers to get down and then executed them.

"The soldiers were taken to a market and then they were killed after a speech was delivered," the organization wrote in its statement.

Al-Qaeda even posted the photos of the soldiers as they were forced to get down of the bus, while their hands were tied behind their backs.

Yemen has been suffering a surge in lawlessness following the downfall in 2012 of ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh following protests against his regime.

The government has also been struggling against a Shia insurgency in the north.

A Yemeni studies center said in a recent report that as many as 570 troops had been killed in Yemen by the Shia Houthi movement since January 25.

The independent Abaad Studies and Research Centre said in its report that around 170 Yemenis had also been killed by Al-Qaeda during the same period of time.

It said around 300 Al-Qaeda-affiliated militants had also been killed in these seven months.

Yemenis react angrily to soldiers' execution

Yemenis were filled with shock at the execution of 14 soldiers by Al-Qaeda in the northern province of Hadhramaut late on Friday.

The nation's journalists, rights activists and politicians denounced the event, describing it as "unprecedented" in the history of this Arab country.

"People are filled with shock on the streets of Hadhramaut," Yemeni journalist-cum-political activist Awad Kashmim told Anadolu Agency.

"Everybody is afraid that their province will turn into a battlefield for enemies from other areas," he added.

Kashmim said Hadhramaut has turned into an open field for Al-Qaeda where it can do whatever it wants at the time it wants.

Other activists were equally appalled by the execution of the soldiers. Female activist Bushra al-Meqtari expressed fears that the killing of the soldiers would pass unpaid for.

"Killers always cross unchecked in this country," al-Meqtari wrote on her Facebook page.

The Yemeni Congregation for Reform Party, meanwhile, denounced the killing of the soldiers.

"The perpetrators of this crime must be brought to account quickly," party spokesman Said Shamsan said in a statement.

They must be brought to justice to be punished for their horrific crime," he added in the statement.

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