'Aleppo on the edge of the worst humanitarian catastrophe'

The Council's Head warns the worst man-made humanitarian disaster of all time is imminent in what he says the Mideast's largest province

'Aleppo on the edge of the worst humanitarian catastrophe'

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Aleppo Breta Haji Hasan, the Head of Aleppo Council, has warned that thousands of people could be starved to dead in two months if the regime continues the siege in Aleppo in the armed conflict, described in Syria as “the mother of all battles".

“At this stage, all in Aleppo are in jeopardy. Food reserves are in a critically low level and will run out in two months. People here are in greater danger than those in Madaya and Yarmuk," Hasan said.

The siege of Malaya resumed in July 2015. Crowds of people are desperately in need of food, water and medical help in the besieged Madaya since February. At least 30 people reportedly died of starvation in Madaya until the aid convoy carried first food and medical supplies to 40,000 residents, trapped by the pro-government forces after mounting of global pressure on the Assad regime.

Yarmuk camp, once prospered a safe haven for Palestinians in diaspora, has been under siege for nearly three years. The camp, near the Syrian capital Damascus, used to be home to over 150,00 Palestinians. But now, it is a prison for the remaining residents, trying to survive on little food and water.

“We are trying to carry as much food and medical relief as we can to the province but the siege may take much longer than we think. Tens of thousands of civilians have refused to leave their homes, putting their lives at risk," he explained. “A greater starvation and harrowing desperation are looming. The largest province in the Middle East is at the edge of the worst humanitarian catasrophe," he warned.

Hasan said Assad's toops are not active in land battles and they cany only make gains with the support of Russian air strikes.

“More than 50 Russian fighter jets were involved in offensives conducted in the Handarat and Mellah regions as well as Castillo supply road," he said. “This siege will be broken in 24 hours if the ground forces are not given air support by Russian planes."

Meanwhile, Local activists said an estimated 20,000 people in central Aleppo have little access to food and medicines. More than half of the province is still under control of forces battling against Assad's troops.

The opposition forces have recently embarked a new offensive to disperse the regime troops from Aleppo in the conflict, which is in its 6th year. There has been reports of fierce clashes in the western parts of Aleppo; the quarters under the regime control.

A resident from western Aleppo said: “We are still hearing loud explosions and exchange of fire. They are pounding the western neighborhoods."

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said more than 300 rounds of mortar bombs have ben fired at Assad's military positions. Local sources said the opposition had not yet progress on the ground. Syrian government planes have carried out frequent strikes on the opposition-held busy residential areas.

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