Aleppo strikes expected to 'get worse'

The Assad regime – with Russian support – has continued to target opposition-held areas of Syria's northwestern Aleppo province with fresh strikes killing 7 people

Aleppo strikes expected to 'get worse'

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A total of seven people were killed and another 30 injured on Saturday in airstrikes carried out by the Syrian regime in opposition-held areas of the northwestern Aleppo province.

Civil defense officials in Aleppo told Anadolu Agency that regime warplanes had struck the province’s opposition-held Bab al-Nayrab and Bustan al-Qasr areas.

Rescue workers, they added, were now in the process of searching for survivors buried under the rubble of destroyed buildings.

Several structures in Bustan al-Qasr were reportedly leveled by Saturday’s airstrikes.

For the past 10 days, Syria’s Assad regime -- with Russian support -- has been carrying out airstrikes in opposition-held areas of Aleppo that have targeted civilian infrastructure, including hospitals, mosques and markets. 

Sharif Nashashibi, a London-based analyst of Middle Eastern politics, explained that Aleppo is a key city in the ongoing conflict in Syria.

"Aleppo is the biggest city: it's an economic hub, it's close to the border with Turkey - there are a range of symbolic and practical reasons why it's so important," he told Al Jazeera, adding that neither side has been able to fully control it since the conflict's outset. 

"With the support it's receiving from Iran, Hezbollah and particularly Russia, the regime feels that it is now able to do that. 

"The issue beyond that is the regime's inability to keep territory. Since Russia's intervention and before, the regime has been unable to keep hold of territory it has recaptured without help from foreign forces."

Source: AFP/Al Jazeera

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