Ankara's Geneva conference conditions: Assad must step down

The messages Ankara will give during the Friends of Syria gathering in Amman are beginning to become clear.

Ankara's Geneva conference conditions: Assad must step down

World Bulletin/News Desk

The Friends of Syria group meeting for the 2nd Geneva Conference in Amman today will ensure coordination with the Syrian opposition by setting their conditions. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu will also travel to Amman. A notice which will be published at the end of the meeting is expected to express that in the event of Assad transferring all his powers to the transitional administration, the 2nd Geneva process will commence.

According to a report in Turkish press, Davutoglu will present the following message regarding Turkey's approach:

- Prior to the gathering for the 2nd Geneva conference, it must be clear that Assad will leave the administration. There must be common consensus for the transition administration.

- It is not necessary that Assad leave the country; if he believes he can still garner support for the elections to be held in 2014, he may run but he may not have any authority on the way leading to elections. Whether in the Presidential Palace, or as a common citizen, he must have no authority during this process.

- Assad will relinquish not the powers of the current government, but all the executive powers.

- It should not be an open-ended process as in the 1st Geneva, individuals with blood on their hands should not take part in the transitional administration.

- The Syrian National Coalition will represent the Syrian opposition at the meeting.

- The National Reconciliation Council must partake I representing Assad in the 2nd Geneva meeting.

- The transitional administration which is established will have full authority. It will coordinate the assembly and presidential elections in 2014. 

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