Anti-coup judge says he left Egypt to 'expose' violations

Walid Sharabi resigned as a judge to exposes rights violations committed by the judiciary.

Anti-coup judge says he left Egypt to 'expose' violations

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A judge backing ousted president Mohamed Morsi said on Saturday that he left Egypt to expose what he described as violations being committed in the country.

Walid Sharabi left Egypt secretly shortly after his name was placed on a travel ban list on the background of being questioned on his political affiliation. He was sacked from his judicial post a week earlier.

Sharabi argued that he left Egypt only to have the chance to disclose the real situation in the country, amid what he described as "media falsification" campaigns.

He said that he would seek to contact international courts to divulge violations in the Egyptian judicial system.

The anti-coup judge said the government designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a "terrorist" group was an attempt by the military-backed authorities to distract attention from what he described as "crimes against humanity" being committed in the name of fighging terrorism.

Last month, the government designated the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Morsi hails, as a "terrorist" group following an attack at a security headquarters in the Nile Delta city of Mansoura that killed 16 people.

The government blamed the attack on the Brotherhood, which vehemently denied any involvement.

Sharabi dismissed allegations that he was seeking to tarnish the image of the Egyptian judiciary.

"I only say what the UN and other international organizations write about the judiciary," he said, citing a December UN report which described Morsi's trial as "unfair" and his absence as "arbitrary".

"Egypt's justice system has deviated from international judicial standards by violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights," Sharabi said.

A judicial disciplinary council sacked Sharabi from his post earlier this month on charges of playing politics and participating in a pro-Morsi sit-in in Cairo's Rabaa al-Adawiya Square, which was violently dispersed in mid-August and killed hundreds.

Sharabi submitted his resignation to Justice Minister Adel Abdel-Hamed early last month in protest at what he described as a media campaign against him, but the resignation was rejected by the minister.

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