Arab League chief denounces Syria 'gas attack'

Arab League chief denounces Syria 'gas attack' as outrageous crime

Arab League chief denounces Syria 'gas attack'

Arab League Secretary-General Nabil al-Arabi on Wednesday denounced the alleged chemical weapons attack by Syrian government forces near Damascus that reportedly left hundreds dead qualifying an "outrageous crime".

Activists say that at least 560 Syrians, including women and children, were killed in a "toxic gas" attack by the forces of President Bashar al-Assad during a bombardment of the country's opposition-held East Ghouta area near the capital.

In a statement, the Arab League chief condemned the attack qualifying it an "outrageous crime, which claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent Syrian civilians due to the use of toxic gas and savage bombardments."

Al-Arabi said he was "surprised" that the alleged attack had coincided with a visit by UN chemical weapons inspectors team to the war-torn country. He urged the UN team to immediately visit the site of the alleged attack to determine whether chemical weapons had been used.

"The UN team should open an immediate investigation into the attack and bring the perpetrators to international justice," the statement read.

Al-Arabi also called on Arab and international relief agencies to move swiftly to help those affected by the attack.


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