Arabs strike as Israel bans Islamic Movement

Many businesses in Arab cities also close in protest over outlawing of the movement's northern branch

Arabs strike as Israel bans Islamic Movement

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Arab municipalities and educational institutions in Israel went on strike Thursday morning in protest as country's government decided to declare the northern branch of the Islamic Movement an illegal organization.

The strike has almost completely shut down the official institutions of the Arab local authorities, including schools, reported the mayors involved. In a number of large Arab cities, including Nazareth, Rahat and Sakhnin many businesses, especially those on the main streets, have gone on strike, as well as the schools.

The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee declared the strike in response to Tuesday's security cabinet decision to outlaw the group. The Prime Minister's Office explained the decision claiming that the Islamic Movement is a faction of the Muslim Brotherhood and "the two movements share an extreme ideological approach and a common goal: to destroy Israel." 

Higher Arab Monitoring Committee chair Mohammad Barakeh said that the strike intends to send a message to the Israeli government to revoke the ban on the Islamic Movement's northern branch.

On Wednesday evening, the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee published a call for the Arab public to strike, saying the protest is not only against the decision to outlaw the northern branch of the Islamic Movement but also against the government's policies toward the entire Arab population.

The committee called the decision a symptom of the policy of silencing and political persecution directed at all the Arab political movements and parties and their representatives.

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