Army helicopter attacks gunmen in North Sinai

An army helicopter bombed two cars carrying gunmen in North Sinai near an airport used by UN peacekeepers early on Saturday.

Army helicopter attacks gunmen in North Sinai

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An Egyptian army helicopter bombed two cars carrying gunmen in North Sinai early Saturday.

Eyewitnesses said the helicopter attacked the two cars near an airport used by UN peacekeepers.

A powerful explosion was heard and flames of fire were seen rising from the area.

There was no comment from the army.

Gunmen have mounted attacks against army and police forces in North Sinai since elected president Mohammad Morsi was ousted on July 3 under an army roadmap for Egypt's future after massive protests against his regime.

Gunmen attacked security checkpoints in North Sinai early Saturday.

Unknown people also detonated an explosive charge at a passing army convoy in Sheikh Zuweid in North Sinai on Friday.

At least 12 troops and civilians were killed in attacks against the army and security targets in Sinai in the past week.

Army helicopter had entered Gaza airspace early Saturday

An Egyptian military helicopter had briefly crossed into Israeli-controlled airspace over the Gaza Strip on Friday, in a possible sign of increased security jitters a week after Egypt's army toppled President Mohamed Mursi.

Security sources in Egypt and Israel both described the flyover as a navigational error, but it came shortly after an Egyptian policeman was killed and a second wounded in an attack on checkpoints in the Sinai Peninsula across the border from the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

Witnesses in Gaza said it stayed on their side of the border for about 10 minutes before returning.

Egyptian military helicopters were also seen dropping flyers on a pro-Mursi rally in Al-Arish town in northern Sinai warning them off 'state and military institutions.'

Tens of thousands of pro-Mursi supporters also staged protests in different parts in Cairo on Friday. They also cintinued a sit-in just in front of the Republican Guard headquarters where 54 protesters seeking the return of Morsi to power were killed.

Egyptian army sources have said an offensive in the Sinai may be imminent, though the military is now heavily focused on maintaining order in the streets of Cairo, where its tanks are deployed.

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