Assad's new policy: defend your village but not on frontline

Bashar al-Assad has changed his policy saying that young men who evaded draft to rejoin the army.

Assad's new policy: defend your village but not on frontline

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Young Druze and Christians in Syria have told their relatives in  in Israel on what seems to be a new policy on the part of the Syrian regime, which is designed to protect the country’s rural areasannouncing that young men who are supposed to be drafted and who live in villages that are under threat will be able to bear arms in order to guard their communities instead being sent to join forces on other fronts. They also claimed that this policy has led many of the young men who evaded the draft or fled to their villages to express a willingness to rejoin the army’s combat forces.

According to sources on the the ground reported in an article in Haaretz, the battles for control of the Kuneitra area continue, specifically mainly on the hills known as Tulul al Hamul, considered to be strategic target by both sides. 

In a conversation with Haaretz, Druze sources in the Golan  opposition forces were more interested in taking control mountain regions and open areas surrounding it, in order to ensure control of central arteries.

Recently there has been heavy clashes between the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s army and the rebels in the Syrian Golan. Israel even warned the rebel organizations that are fighting the Assad regime not to shell or try to capture Khader on the Syrian side of the shared border on the Golan Heights.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said that “We are carefully following everything being done on this matter. I have given instructions to carry out all the necessary activities and I suggest that we make do with that statement.” The Israel Defense Forces relayed that reports of a massacre in the village are incorrect.

According to the report,  the Druze mainly fear members of the Nusra Front, which is identified with Al-Qaida but cooperates on the Golan with more moderate organizations.

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