Barrel bomb hits Aleppo mosque during breaking of fast

More than 15 people have been hit by a barrel bomb at the historic Saad Ansari mosque in Aleppo

Barrel bomb hits Aleppo mosque during breaking of fast

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At least 14 people have been killed and 20 others wounded in a barrel bomb attack carried out by Assad regime forces in Aleppo's Kallasa and Qasila neighbourhoods, Anadolu Agency has reported. Scores of homes were destroyed during the bombing of Kasel neighbourhood, where bodies of civilians, including a little girl, were discovered under the rubble.

According to activists on the ground, the Syrian army has increased its attacks since the beginning of Ramadan. The Syrian Network for Human Rights confirmed the death toll.

Meanwhile, the Syrian regime air force dropped six explosive barrels on the city of Daria to the west of the capital Damascus. The Director of Daria Information Centre, Hussam Al-Ahmad, told Anadolu Agency that the six-barrel attack wounded four civilians and damaged houses.

The continuous use of these explosive barrels, said Al-Ahmad, has driven 290,000 of the 300,000 residents out of the city.

The Turkish media agency also reported that regime forces destroyed 500 houses three days ago close to Al-Mazza Military Airport, to the north of Daria. The move was apparently aimed at protecting the capital from a potential attack by opposition groups.

The Damascus government has been putting Daria under siege for two years. Regime forces have tried to enter the city on several occasions but have failed each time. In the summer of 2012, government troops did get inside, killing at least 800 civilians, opposition rights groups have claimed.

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