Beirut port grain silos collapse due to weeks-long fire

Collapse comes 4 days before 2nd anniversary of massive 2020 explosion in Lebanon's capital.

Beirut port grain silos collapse due to weeks-long fire

Grain silos at Beirut's blast-hit port partially collapsed on Sunday, four days before the second anniversary of the massive 2020 explosion in the Lebanese capital.

The northern part of the silos collapsed as a result of a weeks-long fire which has blown massive clouds of smoke across the port.

After the collapse, the road near the port was closed to traffic.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Lebanese MP Najat Aoun, who was at the port, said that no damage was caused by the collapse, citing civil defense teams working in the area.

Aoun, who is also a chemistry professor, added that there was nothing to threaten the health of the people of Beirut, as the dust quickly dissipated thanks to the wind.

On Friday, Environment Minister Nasser Yassin warned that the grain silos at the port could collapse at any time and that 200,000 masks had been provided to people in the area to protect them from air pollution.

Two years ago, on Aug. 4, a massive blast rocked the Port of Beirut, killing 200 people and injuring around 6,000, and leaving behind a massive trail of destruction. The blast was caused by 2,750 tons of hazardous nitrate ammonium improperly stored at the port.

Hüseyin Demir