Brotherhood: Prosecution claims in Morsi trial 'laughable'

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood says the accusations cited in the 'Kangaroo court' are laughable.

Brotherhood: Prosecution claims in Morsi trial 'laughable'
World Bulletin / News Desk

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, the group from which ousted President Mohamed Morsi hails, described charges leveled against the deposed leader in the jailbreak trial, which kicked off Tuesday, as "theatrical" and "an insult to the judiciary."
"The trial is neither constitutional nor legitimate,"  the Islamist group said in a statement released Wednesday. "It is an insult to Egypt and to the judges who involved themselves in political score-settling."

Morsi, along with 130 other co-defendants including senior Brotherhood leaders and members of Gaza-based Hamas and Shiite Hezbollah groups, are accused by Egyptian prosecutors of participating in a mass jailbreak operation during the Egyptian uprising in 2011.

"How is it possible that 70 Palestinians entered Egypt through the Gaza tunnels, occupied 60 km along the border, which is only 14 km long, and managed to storm three prisoners on the Cairo-Alexandria road, free all the prisoners and even steal livestock then head back to Gaza with three kidnapped policemen without being stopped?"  said the statement in reference to some of the accusations cited by the prosecution's statement made at the court venue Tuesday.

"Where was the army? Where was the general and military intelligence? …The accusations cited in this Kangaroo court are laughable."

According to the prosecutors, the operation resulted in the death of a number of policemen and the escape of over 20,000 prisoners.

On Tuesday, Morsi – deposed by the military in July following protests -  appeared in a glass cage at the court venue in the eastern Cairo's Police Academy, in his second appearance since his ouster by the military last year.

He was previously held incommunicado until he appeared before court last November to answer charges of inciting murder.

The ousted leader had been transported later to Burg al-Arab prison in Alexandria.

The jailbreak trial was adjourned to February 22.
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