Car bombs hit Iraq-Jordan border, killing 4

ISIL has claimed responsibility for border car bombings

Car bombs hit Iraq-Jordan border, killing 4

World Bulletin / News Desk

 Three suicide car bombs exploded at the Tureibil border crossing between Iraq and Jordan on Saturday, killing at least four security forces and wounding 18 others, a witness and a source in the border police said.

The police source said the attack targeted an army barracks nearby and was perpetrated by ISIL and was said so in a video, saying it had targeted a government complex, control point for the border crossing, and army patrol, according to monitoring group SITE.

A Jordanian official said his government had responded by stepping up security measures at the Tureibil crossing, while an Iraqi defence ministry spokesman said Baghdad would investigate the assault.

The Iraqi government announced a new offensive this month to recapture parts of Anbar, from ISIL, but the rebel fighters struck back by attacking Ramadi, the Baiji refinery, and al-Thirthar dam.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 25 Nisan 2015, 16:26