Chemical attacks in the past

The allegations that Assad regime used chemical weapons in Syrian capital Damascus recalled the chemical attacks in the past across the globe.

Chemical attacks in the past

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The allegations that Assad regime used chemical weapons in Syrian capital Damascus recalled the chemical attacks in the past across the globe. From Belgium to Vietnam, from Iraq to Japan, in many other places in the world similar chemical attack were realized and while thousands of people were killed tens of thousands got wounded.

While the civil war goes on in Syria increasing the dosage, it is claimed that Assad regime used chemical weapons in Damascus. It is reported that 1100 people were killed in the attack claimed to be carried out by Assad forces in the Eastern Ghouta in which chemical weapons were allegedly used. The timing of chemical attack in the suburb of Damascus attracted attention because a UN team under the leadership of Ake Sellstrom, Expert of Chemical Weapons, has just arrived at Damascus to investigate the allegations concerning the use of chemical weapons in Syria.  

The early developed chemical weapons were used in World War I. Germany emitted lethal chlorine gas in yellow and green colors into the battlefield of the conflict named as Ypres war in 1915. The gas causing destructive effects on the lungs killed hundreds of the French soldiers. Then the usage of chemicals became widespread and 100 thousand people were killed by using chemicals.   

The World War II also staged many conflicts in which chemical weapons were used densely. The chemical widely used was called Napalm, an adhesive material resembling benzoline. The chemical developed by Harvard Professor Louis Fieser and his team had the effect of melting the skin of the victims. After a missile bomb of Napalm chemical had been thrown by the US in Tokyo in 1943, 100 thousand people were reported killed. Having a more destructive effect than the atomic bomb thrown to Nagasaki this chemical was also used in Vietnam War.

Its impact continues for years

The chemical called “Agent Orange” developed in 1940 for defoliation of plants was used against humans by the US army in Vietnam War. Agent Orange remains in human body for ten years thanks to the dioxin it contains. Despite of half a century time passed over the attack the victims of the chemical are still struggling with the ailments caused by it.  It is claimed that this chemical used in the war is the cause of many cancer cases and infant deaths.

The sarin gas used in Iran-Iraq War in 1983 also has the capacity to kill a person in minutes. The chemical developed by German chemist Gerhard in 1938 penetrates into neural system in a very short time and cause paralysis.

The Sarin gas was also used by Saddam Hussein in 1998 in Halabja, a Kurdish populated region in northern Iraq and 5,000 people died and 7,000 wounded. This gas after being used in northern Iraq against Kurds was categorized as chemical weapon by the UN. Then in 1995 it was used in the bomb attack on Tokyo subway in which 12 people were killed and hundreds wounded.

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