Chicago doctors who risk their lives to help in Syria

Recently named Chicagoans of the Year 2016 John Kahler, Zaher Sahloul, and Samer Attar have

Chicago doctors who risk their lives to help in Syria

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John Kahler

A Pediatrician in Chicago, Illinois John Kahler  spent four days in Syria to aid the growing number of victims without overwhelming assistance and proper help. The patients in Syria seriously outnumber the medical group by 1 doctor to 100 patients or more.

And according to Points of Lights, Dr. Kahler said, “It’s a catastrophe. You rarely find a building that hasn’t been damaged and the hospital we were in, M10, was underground because it had been bombed three times.”

M10 is no longer operational as it has been completely destroyed.

Zaher Sahloul

Dr. Sahloul is a critical care specialist born and raised in Syria. He stayed for four days in the summer of 2016 to help the wounded and innocent civilians too.He is also the former president of the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS),  the doctor knew Bashar al-Assad. A staunch humanitarian in the awareness of the plight of Syria, Dr. Sahloul has given his all to help Syria by appealing to world leaders to provide humanitarian relief. He has visited Syria several times since the war started.

Samer Attar

Also of Syrian ancestry, Attar is an orthopedic surgeon. His initial efforts to help in the Syrian civil war date back to 2013 when he travelled with Dr. Zaher Sahloul. Last summer, he said, “I only did it twice but Syrian doctors, nurses, civilians, humanitarians they have to do this on a routine bases. It’s their daily life.” Nevertheless he has made a number of trips to Syria,  a brave act when he was risking his life. He stayed two weeks.

The doctors also helped other patients which needed normal office visits issues.  They experienced the chaotic environment the medical group on site faces daily and went with the flow. Congratulations to this trio for showing us that we can all help any way we can. If you can’t travel there, at least  you can raise awareness and you can also donate. But don’t be a bystander. Do something productive no matter how small you think it is.

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