Death toll from alleged chemical attack rises to 1300 in Syria

Some 1300 were killed in alleged chemical weapons attack staged by the Syrian regime in the suburbs of the Ghouta region near Damascus early Wednesday

Death toll from alleged chemical attack rises to 1300 in Syria
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Some 1300 were killed in a chemical weapons attack staged by the Syrian regime in the suburbs of the Ghouta region near Damascus in the early hours of Wednesday, claimed George Sabra, head of Syrian National Coalition. 

Sabra said the attack came at a time when a team of UN inspectors arrived in Syria to probe earlier allegations of chemical weapons use.

But the Syrian government strongly denied the attack and described reports as "lies and groundless"  blaming international media for covering baseless stories aiming at distracting a visiting team of United Nations chemical weapons experts from their mission.

"Sarin gas used"

Halid Mahmud, a doctor in the region told Anadolu Agency several people were affected by the "sarin gas."

Emphasizing the need for medical supplies, Mahmud said difficulty in breathing, vomitting, contraction in pupils and loss of consciousness were the common symptoms of the wounded brought to hospital.

Mahmud also reiterated the concern over the number of casualties increasing.

Meanwhile, activists said civilians were attacked early in the morning and hence at a more vulnerable time, resulting in more severe consequences.

"UN team can see chemical evidence"

“Assad’s missile evidence can be seen in Damascus if the UN delegation reaches there in time” says National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (NCSROF) .

Turkey representative of the coalition Khalid Hodja spoke to AA and said the UN delegation was still in Damascus and they could see what is left from missiles shot by Syrian planes in Ghouta suburb of the capital.

Hodja said they will stage protests in front of UN offices, claiming that the international society encourages Assad by doing nothing.

“Asad who intensified massacres in Syria under the shade of the coup and massacres of our brothers in Egypt… Asad, poison babies in their sleep, women and children suffer a long death before our eyes” Hodja added in support to allegations that Assad forces used chemical weapons to kill 635 people near Damascus.

Attack coincides the visit by UN investigators

Syrian Regime Forces has reportedly staged chemical weapons attack at the suburbs of the Ghouta region near the Syrian capital, Damascus early Wednesday, while a team of UN inspectors arrived in Syria on Sunday to probe earlier allegations of chemical weapons use.

Led by Swedish arms expert Ake Sellstrom, the investigations into the alleged use of chemical weapons will be limited in three areas, including a March attack in the Aleppo suburb of Khan al-Assal.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had said on Tuesday that, the expert team would conduct its activities in the country for up to 14 days and that could be extended upon mutual consent, as agreed with the Syrian government.

Ban also urged full access for the expert team to the sites where the chemical weapon attacks allegedly happened.

"Let me state again clearly that, if confirmed, the use of chemical weapons by any side under any circumstances must be held accountable and would constitute an international crime," he said.

Arab League Chief asks UN to look into report of Syria gas attack

Arab League Secretary General Nabil Elaraby called for United Nations inspectors to immediately investigate reports of a chemical attack near the Syrian capital that activists say has killed more than 200 people, Egypt's state news agency said.

"The secretary general said in a statement he was surprised this deplorable crime would happen during the visit of a team of international investigators with the United Nations who are already tasked with investigating chemical weapons use," the official news agency MENA said.

"He called on the inspectors to head immediately to the eastern Ghouta (suburb of Damascus) to determine what happened." 


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