Death toll in Yarmouk camp rises to 51

The Palestinian refugee camp has been under siege for 190 days. Another refugee has died of lack of food, bringing the total number of deaths from starvation to 51.

Death toll in Yarmouk camp rises to 51

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Deaths from starvation in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp rose to 51 after one camp resident died of hunger on Saturday, an activist said.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Ahmed Avad said that the Palestinian refugee, Yasin Abu Madi, was the latest victim of the ordeal in the camp which has been under siege for 190 days by forces loyal to the Syrian regime.

"The humanitarian aid coming to the camp can only make a short time relief. If the blockage continues the number of the refugees dying of starvation will increase," said Avad.

Underlining that more than 20 thousand refugees are about to starve in the camp Avad said that due to snipers the humanitarian aid does not reach to certain camps in the region.

Syrian Resistance Coordination Union media representative Bera Hasim said that all methods of killings are used in Syria.

Speaking to AA Hasim said that Assad tries to subjugate the opposition by starvation since he couldn't overpower by bombing.

"Yarmouk, Duma, Muaddamiyya, Old Homs are under siege. People in these places are facing starvation. Starving people of death is a crime against humanity. Unfortunately the world powers failed to do anything in this context," said Hasim.

On the other hand, UN Relief and Works Agency continues to take relief aid to the camp but still too many people are in need of assistance and many cannot reach the aid center due to fear of the snipers around.

The number of people in the camp have dropped from 600 thousand to 20 thousand most of whom are Palestinians.

Palestine refugees have been severely affected by the ongoing armed conflict, with virtually all of their residential areas experiencing armed engagements or the use of heavy weapons. Of the total 540,000 Palestine refugees in Syria, almost all require assistance.

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