Desperate struggle of a Syrian town under fire

Syrian local activist Sabuni said, 150 houses were destroyed and 250 were damaged in Kabun, near Damascus under constant assaults by Assad forces

Desperate struggle of a Syrian town under fire

The Kabun suburb east of the Syrian capital Damascus resembles a ruined city as a result of missile attacks by Assad forces.

In Kabun, whose population is 100,000, over 150 houses were destroyed and damages occurred in 250 houses. Tens of deads and wounded were reported to be taken out of the wreckages of destroyed houses.

There are many abandoned cars on the roads which were destroyed due to intensive attacks on Kabun.

Traces of war are seen in all houses, workplaces and mosques.

When an attack starts people do not get out quickly due to sharpshooters. Signs warning against sharpshooters in some streets still exist.

Civilians have been trying to flee Kabun as the attacks by Assad forces from Mount Kasyun and Haresta region have continued for ten days.

Talking to an AA reporter, local activist Rami Sabuni claimed 25 people in Kabun were affected from the chemical weapons used by Assad forces. Sabuni said people have been living under extremely difficult conditions in the region since the attacks by Assad forces.

Humanitarian aid reaches towns and districts which are under the control of opponents via Kabun in the east of Damascus, thereby resulting in intensive attacks by Assad froces.

Sabuni said people in the region needed basic foodstuffs and medical equipment.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 03 Temmuz 2013, 15:47