Different reactions to Egypt's military coup

Countries of the Middle East and North Africa gave mixed reactions to Wednesday's military coup in Egypt that ousted the country's first democratically elected president

Different reactions to Egypt's military coup

Wednesday's military coup in Egypt received a multitude of reactions from neighboring countries of the region which saw popular uprisings that toppled long-standing regimes and rulers, beginning with Tunisia.

Saudi Arabia's King Abd al Aziz greeted Egypt's Chief of General Staff Abd al Fatah as Sisi for ending the unrest in the country and sent a congratulatory message to Adly Mansour, the head of the constitutional court, who was announced as interim president by the army.

"We congratulate Egyptian army which took the country out of this uncertain tunnel," the Saudi Arabian king said the statement.

Hamas leader Yahya Mousa, on the other hand, said the Islamic organization based in Gaza would not be drawn to comment on the military takeover in Egypt, which resulted in the ouster of the first democratically elected president in Egypt's history after only one year in power.

"We don't meddle with Egypt's domestic affairs," Mousa told an Anadolu Agency correspondent in Gaza. "The media organizations who try to generate discord between the Egyptian and Palestinian peoples will not succeed."

Some media outlets in Egypt had claimed last week that Hamas was engaged in recent events in the country and accused the group of using violence against anti-Morsi demonstrators.

As for Morocco, the country called for "national unity" in Egypt, saying the country was monitoring the recent developments in Egypt with great attention and concern.

"Preservation of national unity is necessary to meet the legitimate demands of the people, and to establish an environment of trust and stability," a statement from the Moroccan Foreign Ministry said.

"Jordan's respect for the will of Egyptian people and its sincere friendship with them is very clear and absolute," Nasser Judeh said.


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