Digital media usage of ISIL

The biggest difference between ISIL and other extremist organizations is the control of territory.

Digital media usage of ISIL

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The wrong policies of the United States toward Iraq following the 2003 invasion, along with the biased and sectarian based policies of an Iraqi government that ignored the needs of an already marginalized Sunni community, triggered the appearance of radical groups and exposed the country to the abuse of intelligence services of the countries which have secret plans for Iraq.

ISIL Leader Baghdadi, after declaring the establishment of the so-called 'ISIL', ordered the extremist organization to create social media accounts in order to spread the messages of a cyber caliphate.

ISIL, with the symbols that it is using, appears like a unique extremist organization in terms of logistics and weapons support, yet it shares many similarities with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) extremists.

Extremist organizations are using the internet and social media in many ways in accordance with their goal to take advantage of their non-centrally based structure and easy web access. This enables users to reach large masses while remaining anonymous (via fake accounts) and provides a fast flow of information at almost no cost.

The internet and social media are being used by the extremist organizations in order to gain information, disseminate propaganda, create sources of income, deploy resources, radicalize their adherents, train recruits, communicate wıth followers, and for the coordination and planning of extremist activities.

The internet aids extremist organizations in spreading their ideology and to promote so-called valid reasons behind their acts of extremist. Just like many other extremist groups, ISIL is using the internet for publishing video and audio messages and for publishing online magazines. ISIL shapes its messages in accordance with different target audiences and makes appearances to deliver ideological messages while broadcasting footage of their atrocities.

ISIL is also taking advantage of the popularity of video games among boys and young men by making changes to popular video games. By reprogramming popular games and inserting extremists, the players are allowed to conduct extremist attacks and suicide bombings, which indoctrinates the boys and encourages them to join the extremist organization.

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