Echoes of a Syrian division getting stronger

Former NATO General Secretary has for the first time, voiced words over the division of Syria.

Echoes of a Syrian division getting stronger

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The former NATO General Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said that he is in favour of a whole Syria as opposed to a divided one, saying that “Like Bosnia, Syria can have a “soft” division, even though it won't be a perfect solution but power should be in the hands of people. The religious and ethnic divisions in Syria are far deeper than the Balkans”. 

Rasmussen had attended the “Peace in the Middle Eeast: Players, Issues and Search for Solutions” symposium organised by the Gaziantep Hasan Kalyoncu University and answered questions by Abbas Guclu, a writer for the Milliyet newspaper. Some of his statements included: 

Bosna Model:

  • a soft division of Syria like Bosnia is a possibility although unlike the Balkans, Syria's ethnic and religious issues are more divided.

  • Serbians, Muslims and Croatians fought against each other but now live side by side peacefully.

  • Esad must leave as a leader and the countrys administration must be divided between the religious and ethnic powers. How can Esad be convinced to leave his position?

  • Politics is not a fighting skill its a speaking skill. Free and just opportunities must be made.

  • I prefer Syria to be a single state, not a divided entity.

  • The minority Alawi in Syria ruling over a majority Sunni population in Syria is not right.

  • The perfect solution for Syria is for the country to be a single state however if we look at the Bosnian model, at least the Balkans no longer are at war

  • We must protect Syria and Iraq with a balance of power but also work on decentralization.

  • I am not in favour of an independent Kurdistan

  • Entering the EU has nothing to do with religious affiliation

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