Egypt Brotherhood not relocating to London

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has responded to claims in the UK press that members are fleeng Cairo for a new London office.

Egypt Brotherhood not relocating to London

World Bulletin / News Desk

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Foreign Relations Secretary in London, Mohamed Soudan, said that despite claims in the UK press, members are not fleeing from Cairo to London and their offices in Cricklewood, North London are not new.

The Foreign Relations Secretary refuted the idea that the Muslim Brotherhood are fleeing to London, “We have gone to countries that are safe for us, we are a movement that has a presence in 80 countries around the world."

Talking about the referendum in Egypt, he said that the military had no legitimacy and that it had removed a democratically elected government. He said that they will not participate in any elections after this referendum, “we will boycott them”, he told AA.

The Muslim Brotherhood was recently labelled a 'terrorist organisation' by the Egyptian government, as part of a campaign of political moves against the group, following the Muslim Brotherhood's President Morsi's removal from office by a military coup d'etat in July last year.

Soudan said: “The media have always been saying a lot against the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood), they are calling us as terrorists.”

“We are not terrorists, we have nothing to do with terrorism, we are the most moderate Islamic movement in the world,” he said.

“After the military coup we went to countries such as Turkey, Qatar, Malaysia and Sudan; we are not only here in the UK, in fact we have more people in other countries,” he added.

The Muslim Brotherhood Foreign Relations Secretary told AA that the same offices have been used by the Muslim Brotherhood for over ten years and members had come to the UK over the years, and travelled back to Egypt or to other countries.

Soudan said, “The offices in Cricklewood are our media service's offices.”

Ikhwanweb the brotherhood’s official English site is run from the main office in London, but according to their website they have “correspondents in most countries”. The English language website was launched in 2005.

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