Egypt: court's ruling allows Brotherhood return to political life

Decision of Court of Cassation may let Muslim Brotherhood to pave way its way back to Egypt's political life

Egypt: court's ruling allows Brotherhood return to political life

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Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leaders' names are to be removed from the blacklist, Court of Cassation ruled Monday. This may allow the group to return to political life, a legal expert said.

“The court, which blacklisted the MB depended on the Public Prosecution’s decisions that the group is a terrorist, lacks jurisdiction as it was not the correct authority to take this decision. This means that the Court of Cassation’s decision has dangerous consequences,” the Head of the Cairo Centre for Political and Legal Studies Ahmed Mahran said.

“The Court of Cassation’s decision cancels the decisions of the executive authorities represented by the former Prime Minister Hazem Al-Beblawi, which blacklisted the Muslim Brotherhood. It also cancels the decision of the Court of Urgent Matters which also blacklisted the group,” Mahran said.

“Based on the new decision, all the decisions and rulings related to the Brotherhood were cancelled and this paves the way for the group to return to political life.”

“All the decisions that banned the group and confiscated its financial resources were abolished. This needs legislative interference to follow up this issue,” he added.

The Court of Cassation, the highest judicial commission in the country, decided to remove the names of 18 Brotherhood leaders, including Supreme Guide Mohamed Badei, from the blacklist.


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