Egypt criminalizes Rabia sign

The country's leadership bans use of the famous four-finger sign

Egypt criminalizes Rabia sign

World Bulletin / News Desk

The Egyptian cabinet has approved a presidential draft bill on Thursday that punishes the possession, raising or distribution of symbols linked to "terrorist" entities, including the famous Rabia Al-Adawiyya four-finger sign. 

The country's secutity forces have already been detaining students for possessing stationery, like rulers and rubbers, with the four-finger sign. 

Those found guilty will be "jailed and fined a minimum fine of 10,000 Egyptian pounds and a maximum of 30,000 Egyptian pounds... for posting, producing, promoting, importing, exporting, transporting or possessing, with intention to trade, distribute, rent or display any printed material, badges, drawings, posters, signs, handmade paintings, photography, or symbolic graphics... that constitute symbols of terrorist organisations, local or international."

The details of which signs or drawings are to be considered as such "terrorist" symbols will be issued later.


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